Known for her unconventional and provocative work, Lady Gaga has been loved by her fans for more than a decade now after she released her chart-topping hit, “Poker Face” back in 2008. It is known to be one of her most famous singles after selling over 14 million copies that same year all over the world. Aside from her record-breaking songs and six Grammy Awards, Gaga is also known for her avant-garde fashion sense especially during red carpet appearances. There was even a time when she decided to wear a specially made outfit that is made of raw meat, which of course faced tons of backlash.

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#LadyGaga hugged #JenniferLopez tight before delivering an extremely vulnerable speech on sexual assault, mental health, and what it means to be a Woman in Hollywood at ELLE's 25th annual #ELLEWIH event. Link in bio for the #AStarIsBorn star's impactful moment.
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Despite her wonderful singing career, she has also been a part of a couple of series and movies such as being a part of American Horror Stories as well as the film A Star Is Born, which just came out. Then again, she makes sure not to always mix her professional and personal life, which is why in the most recent speech she gave at the Elle Hollywood event last Monday, shocked everyone when she referred to her talent agent as her fiancé.
Gaga and Carino’s Relationship Timeline
Before we get into what exactly happened and what she said during her speech, let’s first have a recap on when and how this fairy tale even happened. This is actually not the very first time that the 32-year-old singer has been engaged, she was once set to marry actor Taylor Kinney. The two began dating in 2011 and got engaged in 2015 but called it quits in 2016 because they have been fighting so much and have been so busy with both careers. However, it didn’t take long for her to find a new man to love, because it was already rumored in 2017 that she has started dating her talent agent, Christian Carino.
It is still unclear as to how the two actually met but the rumors of them dating started when he was seen giving her a kiss on the cheek during the halftime rehearsal performance at the Super Bowl. People magazine also reported that the two have been very cozy the entire time. A source even said that the two seem serious and not just fooling around, which makes both of them happy.
Since then they have been trying to keep it literally low-key and trying as hard as they can to stay away from the prying eyes of the public. However, they were seen hanging out in the summer of 2017 in The Hamptons, where it was rumored that they were engaged. The rumors died but went alive again before 2017 ended became even more real because the singer has been spotted wearing a huge pink ring on her engagement finger, and he has gotten a tattoo of her face on his arm.

Gaga never really revealed what’s going on between her and Carino in any of her interviews, which is why everyone’s still pretty clueless whether to take any of the rumors seriously or not.
A Surprise But Subtle Announcement
Finally, Gaga said it herself that she is actually engaged to Carino. It wasn’t exactly one of those cheesy couple pictures that most couples post on Instagram or Twitter, in fact, the singer just casually said it while giving her acceptance speech last Monday.
At the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles, California earlier this week, the 32-year-old singer and actress thanked all of the love of her life, including her manager Bobby Campbell, everyone at table five, and finally her fiancé Christian Carino. Everyone was surprised when she actually said it as if it is no big deal, some didn’t even realize it because of how subtle she said it.
The 49-year-old talent manager was present at the event which made things even better. It was reported that he has already asked permission to Gaga’s father to marry her. Although they never formally announced their engagement, it was great to know that people would now stop speculating whether the rumors are true. Then again, because of how secretive the couple is, it is expected that they would not announce any details of their wedding to the public, although sources said that the wedding plans are ongoing despite Gaga’s busy schedule.
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