Whenever we think of our idols, those famous folks who we admire and look up to, we ought to hope that they respect others just as much as we respect them. It’s always inspiring to know that they use the platform—not necessarily in terms of net worth—they’ve been given to give back to the less fortunate ones.  Well, that was what happened in this tale of an NFL player, helped out by a homeless man on a cold, snowy day. The athlete went on to give back to his Good Samaritan by doing something very special for him. Let’s see how one man’s gratitude changed a homeless person’s life for the better!
Cold, Bitter Winter

Friday June 07, 2019

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Our story begins on a bleak, snowy day in Kansas City, Missouri. The frosty weather conditions were awful, impacting many folks on the roads on January 12, 2019. Dave Cochran, a Kansas City local, was driving along the town’s outskirts, traversing Highway 40 in his Chevy Suburban—as he was accustomed to doing. Because of the terrible weather, Dave had a feeling that drivers would be having some difficulty maneuvering their cars. His circumstances gave him plenty of time to find them and give them a hand. But what—or more precisely, who—Cochran would find would change the course of his life in a way he’d never imagine possible.
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