Being a superstar these days means flashing your wealth around – and luxury cars are some of the biggest-ticket items that top celebrities like to flaunt. A rare or tricked-out ride can speak volumes about a star’s taste and personality. We’ve compiled this list of incredible celebrity cars that are fun to look at, even if they aren’t exactly friendly to the average person’s bank account. We’ll also take a look at which stars have such a bad driving record that they’re a nightmare for most car insurance companies. Click next to see what some celebrities are willing to pay for their luxury cars. You won’t believe what Bieber’s car looks like…
Paris Hilton – Bentley GT Continental, Estimated $285K

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Wednesday June 05, 2019

Nearly 15 years ago, ‘90s kids had a different kind of “Saturday Night Live.” This had lesser serious, children-appropriate quips that would prompt laughter from the audience composed of young ones, too. It’s what you would watch if you like to be entertained and so, a revival for it is not a shocker at all. …

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Paris Hilton was originally famous for being famous, but now she’s also famous for collecting luxury cars. The hotel heiress reportedly owns 8 vehicles that probably haven’t even put a dent in her bank account.  Her signature car, though, is her candy-pink Bentley GT Continental which has a custom paint job and plenty of accessories like a monogrammed hood ornament. Given Hilton’s history of accidents and texting while driving, let’s hope she can afford her car insurance premiums too.
Jay Leno – 1955 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing Coupe, Estimated $1.8 Million

It’s no secret that Jay Leno likes cars – his vintage luxury car collection was a frequent topic on his late night show. Leno’s stable of vehicles includes hundreds of cars and dozens of motorcycles, altogether worth millions. His most prized and expensive item is his 1955 cherry red Mercedes 300SL Gullwing Coupe, worth about $1.8 million. Given the specialty parts and labor needed to keep this antique running, we’re guessing he also spends quite a bit on automobile repair!
Tiger Woods – Porsche Carrera GT, Estimated $440K

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Sunday June 16, 2019

Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death Game – Overview – Free Download – PC – Compressed – Specs – Screenshots – RIP Type of game: Action PC Release Date: September 20, 2013 Developer/Publishers: Zootfly/505 Games Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death (1.8 GB) is an action video game. Developed and published by Zootfly/505 …

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Champion golfer Tiger Woods is quite fond of expensive sports cars. The athlete owns several, including an Escalade, a Lexus LS 460, and a Porsche Carrera GT worth $440,000. With a fortune of over $600 million from his earnings and endorsements, Tiger won’t ever need to take out a loan to pay for his expensive habit. And although he damaged his Mercedes-Benz S65 while driving under the influence in 2017, he’ll be able to afford his car insurance premiums no matter how high they soar.
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