It seems like only yesterday when Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie had adopted her first child, a son, from Cambodia back in 2002, who she named Maddox Chivan. Now, she has six children, three of whom are adopted while the other three are her biological children conceived with ex-husband Brad Pitt.
Brad Pitt had also formally adopted Maddox as his own son after getting into a relationship with Angelina.
Time has certainly passed by very quickly, as now Maddox has reached the age of 18. Of course, this is a momentous occasion for Jolie, who obviously loves her children very much judging by the abundant amount of time she spends with them, and to celebrate the fact that her eldest son is now a grown-up, the mother, along with her son, made a special trip to Ohio to meet some friends.
In Cleveland, Ohio
According to a post made by Loung Ung, who is the author that wrote the book called First They Killed My Father which was eventually turned into a motion picture by Jolie back in 2017, both Jolie and Maddox paid her a visit in the city of Cleveland and commemorated the fact that Maddox was about to turn 18 years of age.
Ung also described the activities that were part of the celebrations and said that the party started with a lunch that hosted both Jolie and Maddox at a location called the Market Garden Brewpub. After that, the group went to the City Farm of Ohio and also the Refugee Response Program, and then to the Museum of Art.
Jolie has six children, three of whom are adopted
In her post, Ung also talked about the deep connection she shared with Maddox. According to her, she had met the young one when he was just one year old, and now she was very proud of the fact that he had not only turned 18 but was also on his way to college.
Off To College
It should come as no surprise that Jolie’s children have a desire to attend college, as Jolie herself has been a very vocal advocate of education. According to reports, Maddox would now be jetting off to South Korea where he has been admitted to Yonsei University, which was his university of choice even though he had received admission offers from other universities as well. Reports have also confirmed that his major of education would be biochemistry.
But Maddox is surely well prepared to attend college in South Korea, as reportedly he has already made an effort to learn the Korean language with regular lessons every week. Jolie is completely on board with his plans of seeking higher education in South Korea, as she had been helping her son from the very beginning to look for the most suitable university ever since the past one year.
Biochemistry is certainly a very complex subject area, and Maddox is all set to pursue it at college
Now, reportedly the actress would also be traveling with her son to help him settle into his new life, and although she would miss her eldest child very much as he spends the next few years in a new country, she is reportedly confident that he is prepared well to handle the challenges of this new phase in his life.
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