It is very easy to gauge an artist’s success on YouTube, as we simply have to observe the number of total views on all the videos that they’ve posted on the video streaming service. There are many people who have become millionaires through their YouTube fame alone because the streaming service does pay content creators for whatever they post in exchange for permission to display advertisements with their videos.
Although mainstream celebrities are not dependent on YouTube or the income it can potentially generate for them, mostly because they are able to make much more in the offline world through traditional channels, the platform is still important for them because it enables them to disperse their content to billions of people around the world, which helps them expand their own brand.
And apparently, there is one music group that has achieved phenomenal success on the streaming platform. According to reports, the band called BTS, which has become globally famous for its unique style of music that is mostly Korean-pop, has now surpassed even Taylor Swift, an artist that had remained ahead for the past many years due to her unmatchable popularity in the music industry.
The band BTS has won many awards for their phenomenal music
How Did BTS Get Here?
Not many of you may know this, but BTS is also known by the name The Bangtan Boys. The group has often been praised by fans for delivering a collective effort whereby all group members shine through the music, in one way or another, probably because they have had diverse backgrounds before joining the group.
The band had come together back in 2013 after efforts made by Big Hit, an entertainment company located in South Korea. Initially, it was supposed to be a group that made hip-hop music. But then, as time went on and they experimented with different styles, the group moved into other genres of music as well.
The boys are still young yet one of the most successful acts in the music industry
Global Fame
You must’ve heard about BTS even if you have not listened to a single one of their songs, and that is because the band’s popularity has been discussed countless times on various news publications platforms as musicians usually don’t achieve this much success in such a short period of time. The band is now recognized around the world and has a massive fan following even in regions which do not speak any Korean.
Their phenomenal music has also helped them break many other prestigious records in the music industry, including a place on the Top Artist Chart as well as the chart for the Duo/Group acts. They are now matching the popularity once enjoyed by the legendary music band The Beatles, judging by the fact that their recent album called Map of The Soul: Persona has been able to sell just as much as one of the former’s record sets.
Taylor Swift is ultra-famous, but BTS may soon overtake her in all measures of success
On YouTube, when they released their Boy With Luv song, they amassed an impressive number of views amounting to 74.6 million within just 24 hours. On the other hand, Taylor’s ME! song had gotten 65.2 million views during the same time span after its release.
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