We are very proud of the fact that Angelina Jolie’s oldest child, son Maddox, has gone off to college to pursue higher education, that too in a field of study not even remotely connected to the entertainment world which seems to be the usual route for the children of many Hollywood celebrities. And although by many accounts, his life seems absolutely perfect, there is one problem for sure which Maddox has faced growing up: maintaining a healthy relationship with Brad Pitt.
Both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had been co-parenting Maddox up until the time of their separation
Reportedly, Maddox and Pitt have not shared that father-son bond, especially since that fateful flight when Pitt allegedly had a falling out with Maddox, an event that has been connected by media outlets as a catalyst which ultimately led to Jolie filing for divorce from Putt. Although we are not sure about the nature of the argument the father and son had on that plane, but apparently it was enough for Maddox to sign off Pitt from his life.
Very Close To His Mother
While at one end Maddox has now reportedly completely disconnected from his dad, on the other end his love for Jolie has only grown stronger. According to reports, the mother and son duo share a very close bond with each other, ever since Jolie had first adopted him back in the year 2002. He was then adopted by Pitt as well after four years, as Jolie and Pitt have become partners.
Pitt and Jolie decided to end their marriage in 2016
Apparently, this distance between Pitt and Maddox has grown so much that, according to reports, Pitt only found out about his son’s plans to attend the Yonsei University, located in the Seoul region of South Korea, just a short while before the news had been discovered by media outlets around the world as well.
A Resentment
But this need for distance from Pitt is not limited to the Maddox feeling a sense of disconnect from his dad, but perhaps also stems from his innate desire to seek more freedom in his life, something that every teenager his age experiences around the world. For example, Maddox reportedly did not agree to visit his dad for Christmas this previous year, although all of his other siblings, except for Pax, did go to open up their gifts there.
Jolie keeps her children as a top priority in her life and is always there to support them
However, according to sources, this behavior is more in line with the fact that both Maddox and Pax are now teenagers with a growing need to disconnect from family and make their own decisions, rather than a specific disliking for Pitt himself.
In fact, reportedly the two teens have also started spending a lesser amount of time with family members as they have become busy with other activities in their life.
As far as Pitt himself is concerned, clearly there is love in his heart for his eldest child, as he has reportedly been vocal about his hope that one day both father and son would be able to see eye to eye and rekindle that bond which they seem to have lost over time.
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