Life can totally be unpredictable, it surprises people in good and bad ways. Things happen the least you expect it, sometimes it is something you would be so grateful about and sometimes it is something you would want to ask what have you done to deserve. This is one question 43-year-old singer Michael Buble had to ask when his son was diagnosed with cancer at such a young age.

Noah Buble’s Cancer Battle
It was in 2016 when the singer, together with his wife Luisana Lopilato, revealed in a statement that their eldest son Noah was diagnosed with cancer. The couple also said that they have decided to put their careers on hold in order to focus on their son. They have asked for people’s support and prayers during this time of difficulty, as well as for them to respect the family’s privacy.
The family had to go to the United States in order for their son to have all the things that he needed during his battle with cancer. In an interview with the singer earlier this year, he revealed that he was actually in London and was about to perform at The One Show on BBC when he found out about his son. He said that his wife sent him a text message together with his son’s scan and that she knew something was wrong.
It then turns out that young Noah had hepatoblastoma, which is actually a rare type of liver cancer, wherein it usually affects children below the age of five. This is said to be common to children who were born premature and only 10 out of 15 children are diagnosed with this rare condition every single year.
He did manage to sing and continue to perform despite his mind being with his family full of worry. Buble explained that he couldn’t even remember how he managed to do it, he was probably just in autopilot. After his performance, he immediately got into a private plane and flew to Los Angeles to be with his family.

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The Buble family had to stay in the United States for seven months because of Noah’s cancer treatment. Buble revealed that his son had a tumor in his liver and that the doctors had to get it out. When asked if his son is okay now, the singer simply said that clinically speaking, Noah is perfect now. Buble and his wife admitted that what their family went through was brutal but it is okay now that they are not living in fear.
The couple has another son named Elias who is now 2-years-old, and they also welcomed a daughter earlier this year named Vida. Buble just finished recording his newest album, which will be released next month.
Not Retiring Yet
Because of what happened to his son, rumors started to spread that the singer-songwriter may be deciding to retire soon to be able to spend more time with his family. However, sources said that this may not be happening anytime soon. In an interview, Buble said that he felt very grateful for the people all over the world who showed compassion and prayed for them and his son’s recovery, which is why he would like to pay them back with his music and this is the best time to do so.
The Grammy award-winning singer went to a 2-year hiatus to focus on his son’s treatment, and now that he is doing well, Buble decided it’s time for him to go back to the stage. What made people think that he was retiring was when he actually said in an interview with Daily Mail, “This is my last interview. I’m retiring from the business. I’ve made the perfect record and now I can leave at the very top.”

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Buble admitted that he still hates when he needs to talk about what his son has gone through, as a parent, he revealed that he wished it happened to him and not to his son. The singer considers it as the worst possible thing that has gone through as a family. However, despite the hardship, he thought of his son as a superhero and he doesn’t need to relive it in his life. He even joked that hell seems to be like a better place to visit than for him to go through this over again.
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