No doubt that there are a lot of luxury cars from different brands on the roads of Dubai. Seeing these brands can spark an interest in a person, particularly to acquire something similar. However, before you take that decision, there are some things to bear in mind if you intend to purchase a luxury vehicle in Dubai. Before considering those factors, it is pertinent to examine some peculiar reasons why people purchase luxury vehicles.

1. Status Factor

A lot of people who want to purchase a luxury vehicle would do so because of their desire to bring their lifestyle on an equal footing with that of their colleagues or neighbors. While some of these people have an inclination towards luxury, others just want the car as a show-off.
Some people purchase luxury cars because of the status factor

2. Technology

There are also people who buy luxury vehiclesbecause of the tech employed in the manufacturing of that particular car. Techfeatures such as advanced technology, design elements, speed and also color are things some find fascinating and those factors can influence some to buy luxury vehicles.
Some people purchase luxury vehicles because of tech features such as advanced technology and design elements

3. Brand

Quite a handful of people will invest in a particular luxury vehicle just because it is from a brand they love. Some are fans of the technology, cost or design of cars that are manufactured by a brand. There are also some people who buy cars because of its mileage and speed.

4. Passion

There are also people who only simply want an additional car to their collection and this can make some individuals invest in luxury vehicles.
Whatever your reason for buying the luxury vehicle may be, there are some things you should remember when you have to buy a luxury vehicle in Dubai.

1. Insurance Cost

This is perhaps the first thing everyone intending to own a vehicle in Dubai needs to know. If you do not have car insurance with some of the well known car insurance companies, you wouldn’t be free to take the car out. The sum of this insurance can be so high that yearly premium may sometimes be equal to the actual price for which you purchased the car.It is important that you understand the attendant insurance implication before you invest in any luxury car.

2. Inquire into its residual value rating

If you can access the car’s residual value rating, you will definitely find it easy to have a definite picture of the car retention value, the actual price of the car as well as its quality. It also helps you understand the car’s durability and consistency.
Knowledge of the residual value rating helps you understand the car’s durability and consistency

3. Use of the car

It is important that you buy a car that allows you to drive across the tech streets and can also fit in the desert drive that surrounds Dubai. It is essential that the car you buy is highly suitable for that particular region. The car has to satisfy all requirements with ease and this is an important factor to put into consideration when purchasing a luxury vehicle in Dubai.

4. Vehicle Warranty

If you get premium insurance for your luxury vehicle, there is also a need to make sure an extended service warranty is in existence. It is advisable to ensure that the maintenance and repair cost come under the warranty. Do not forget to also get warranty for aesthetics such as re-paint cost and protecting the car against rust.

5. Economical factors

It isn’t news that the cost of fuel in Dubai is cheaper than what exists in other places around the world. More often than not, luxury vehicles have higher fuel consumption than regular vehicles. Thus, it is your responsibility to carry out research into cars that are fuel economic and still have advanced technologies.
In general, purchasing a luxury vehicle requires that you carry out a proper research before going ahead to invest. Purchasing a luxury vehicle in Dubai requires careful planning and research. It is advisable that you check every detail even before you make the purchase. By thoroughly analyzing your choices and the implications of each before you make a final decision, the probability of making the right decision increases tremendously.
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