Female members of the royal family live the better part of their lives in the public eye. To ensure that they do not fall victims of wardrobe malfunction, they have some particular fashion hacks to help them achieve impeccable dressing and appearance during formal events. Below aresome of the fashion tricks the royal women, i.e. Princess Diana, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have used over time.

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1. Princess Diana Used Clutches To Conceal Her Cleavage

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During her lifetime, Princess Diana made use of clutches to conceal her cleavage especially whenever she was stepping out of the car. That was in a bit to prevent any photographer from taking a revealing picture. Anya Hindmarch, the princess’ notable handbag designer popularly referred to the clutches as cleavage clutches.
Princess Diana’s clutches were referred to as cleavage clutches

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2. Wearing Panty Hose With Sticky Heels

One of the popular protocol for the royal women is wearing pantyhose. However, pantyhoses are made of smooth material which often makes it a possibility for the feet to easily slide out. As such, the pantyhose that Kate Middleton wears usually comes with silicone pads as that makes it easier for the pantyhoses to stick to the heels.

3. Wearing Hats With Hidden Combs

Yet another fashion trick Princess Diana used was to wear hats that had hidden combs. A lot of formal public events come with a requirement to use hats. Several people often wonder how those who regularly use them manage to have them stay in place. The next time you have to wear hats, you may need to try out Princess Diana’strick. She reportedly had combs inside her hat to keep her hair fixed to the hat.

4. Wearing Hairnets To Prevent Stray Hair

Kate also makes use of hairnets to ensure that strands of her hair are prevented from flying around. She often uses the hairnets when her hairstyle comes in an intricate manner.
Kate Middleton wears hairnets to prevent her hair from flying around

5. Weights Under Dresses And Skirts

The royal women also sometimes add weights to their dresses and skirts. A couturier for Queen Elizabeth, Stewart Pravin, while speaking to a media outlet said that the weights for the Queen’s dresses are sewn into her clothes hems and that is to stop them from getting blown about when it is windy. However, it may be that they don’t all use this fashion trick as Kate’s skirt was seen flying during the wedding of Princess Eugene last month.

6. Fitted Silhouettes

Also, royals tend to wear silhouettes that are more fitted as well as heavier materials. This is another method they adopt to ensure that the wind doesn’t blow off their dresses. They make use of silhouettes that are more fitted and also have heavier fabrics.

7. Wearing Bodysuits

Another fashion trick is to wear bodysuits so they can prevent their tops from getting bunched up. Meghan particularly loves to wear bodysuits and not tops for this purpose. Over the past couple of months, she has been pictured in different varieties of bodysuits including a cashmere bodysuit made by Tuxe which reportedly costs £230.
The royal women were bodysuits so as to prevent their tops from getting bunched up
Fashion experts are of the opinion that the reason for her choice is to prevent her outfits from getting messy or unlocked. Also, bodysuits often have a sleeker look. Myka Meier, an etiquette expert said that Meghan and Kate wear clothes and bodysuits that increase static as it gets harder for the cloth to be blown up. Wearing bodysuits and weighted hems give similar results.

8. Wearing Shoes That Are One Size Bigger

Observant people would easily notice that Meghan and Kate wear shoes that are one size bigger. On a closer look, one would find that at the very least, there is a half-centimeter space between their heels and the back of their shoes.Harriet Davey, a fashion expert noted that a lot of celebrities adopt this practice of wearing shoes that are one size bigger whenever they are attending an event or even gracing the red carpet.
According to Davey, the reason for the practice is to simply help them avoid blisters. Davey added that celebs such as Meghan have to wear heels for an extended period and that could cause their feet to swell up.
Kate also wears leather insoles to avoid getting sore feet. According to sources, she likes Alice Bow leather insoles and that adds extra padding to her shoe.
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