With this generation, everything that is happening into the lives of the people are broadcasted on every social media platforms. From ordinary people to the most famous celebrities and socialites. For normal people, it is a way of expressing thoughts and feelings as well as sharing information while connecting with friends and families. But for people who’s lives are basically on the limelight almost 24/7, it is like just connecting to their fans. But did you know that every tweet and every photo they post on Twitter and Instagram, they actually earn money?
It has become a trend when people started broadcasting their real lives on YouTube, some of them are rich and famous now, but as a celebrity, you will definitely earn more.
No. of Twitter Followers: 46 Million
No. of Instagram Followers: 103 Million
From a Disney sweetheart to a Social Media Sensation. Selena Gomez may not be making that much money when it comes to her singing career compared to her friend Taylor Swift, but the world is literally paying her millions and millions just by reacting, sharing and liking her tweets and photos.
She is one of the most followed celebrities in Hollywood, she may not be at the top but she is very active on her social media accounts. Although it is of course her agents who are talking to the Twitter and Instagram people, but the more she posts and the more followers she gets, the more she earns.
No. of Twitter Followers: 49.5 Million
No. of Instagram Followers: 90 Million
Kim Kardashian earns $10,000 for every single tweet she posts. And even if she took a break from the social media for a couple of weeks, she still gained almost $500,000 followers in just five days. It was when something traumatic happened to her in Paris and she just felt like she needed a break from everything.
Despite that she still earned a lot of money even though based off statistics she lost a couple of millions but she obviously doesn’t care. She gets a millions from her family’s reality show that has been running since forever and she got her own app. Not to mention all of her advertisements. Who wouldn’t want to be in her shoes? She may be controversial, but it is like she’s getting paid for breathing.
No. of Twitter Followers: 91.1 Million
No. of Instagram Followers: 124k
Every Belieber’s(Justin Bieber Fans) world crashed when the Canadian pop star deleted his Instagram account in 2016. It was apparently because of his fans hating on his then girlfriend Sophia Richie and also with how things ended between him and singer-actress Selena Gomez. And if Gomez gained millions of the year, Bieber lost about 3.5 Million. He had to make a new Instagram account which now has 124k. He is currently making some new music but before he went for a social media break, he treated his fans with a new song entitled “Love Yourself” which broke the Internet.
No. of Twitter Followers: 19.3 Million
No. of Instagram Followers: 83.2 Million
Another Kardashian has made it into the list because of the photos she post on her Instagram account. She earns almost $250,000 for every post. According to Forbes Magazine, in 2016, her net worth is $11.9 Million because of her modeling career, advertisements and most especially from the huge success of her own makeup line which earned more then $20 million on its first couple of months. Looks like the youngest Kardashian is already making her way to success.
No. of Twitter Followers: 83 Million
No. of Instagram Followers: 96 Million
And last but definitely not the least is the one and only Taylor Swift. She is probably this biggest pop star of this generation, making her the highest-paid singer of 2016. But other than her sold-out concerts and chart-topping albums, she also makes millions with her social media account. She took a break from her music career but that doesn’t mean she stopped earning money. She earns approximately $10,000 for every tweet and photo on her social media accounts.
She also obviously doesn’t need to get promoted since she is making a noise for herself. Especially when she dated actor Tom Hiddleston when she’s on her break but of course it ended so quickly and now her fans are waiting for her new songs for this year.
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