If you are going to tell a story of how you met your significant other, the chances that it will be less intriguing than that of Kate Perry, and how she met her heartthrob Orlando Bloom. The couple, now already engaged, have shared a relationship that has been through highs and lows, as well as surviving a lot of scandals that was meant to pull them apart.
Kate Perry Shares the Story on Live Show
Soon the Jimmy Kimmel live show, Katy Perry was made to give an insight into her relationship with Orlando, and that was when the conversation of where they first met stirred up. Not a lot of people will expect that a burger snack would be the genesis of such a relationship.
According to the songstress, she first met Orlando at the golden globes a couple of years back. On this very occasion, she was with multiple Oscar award-winning actor Denzel Washington when Orlando bloom took a burger away from their table, it was an in and out burger.
She said she didn’t raise an eyebrow over that because of how good looking he was, and she let him take the burger away. Fortunately for her, during the party proper, she managed to bump into him, and that was when she brought up the story of her stolen burger. She threw him a cheeky and sarcastic question, asking how the onions from the burgers are resting on his molars.
When Orlando Bloom took a Kate Perry’s in and out burger, she let him take it away because of how good looking he was.
More Relationship Information
The couple began dating in 2016, the same year that they stole the attention of the crowd at Adele’s concert when they kissed. They also had to go through a rough patch that same year when a picture of Orlando kissing fellow music star Selina Gomez surfaced on the interment.
The relationship began to be more intensified in the yuletide period of 2017 when Orlando celebrated the festive season with Katy and her family, sharing a lot of videos and pictures with fans on social media platforms, all this after the news of their split odd was all over the media in early 2017.
Orlando and Kate’s relationship hit a very bad patch in 2016 when pictures of him being cozy with her fellow music star Selena Gomez was all over the internet.
The Proposal
The following year for the couple was all about romance, and on valentine’s day in 2019, Orlando popped up the biggest and most anticipated news from their relationship, proposing to Katy. The ring, a very expensive piece with a diamond shape forming a flower.
Orlando finally proposed to Kate Perry on valentine’s day of 2019, giving her an expensive diamond plated engagement ring.
Katy didn’t only share the burger story, as she also went father telling the full story of their Valentine engagement, that consist of a helicopter ride, a ripped jacket, and finally broken champagne. Katy Perry probably enjoyed the best valentine gift this year.
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