The annual Cannes Film Festival is an avenue to showcase impressive lineups of movies from all around the globe, giving the spotlight to the promising projects that so deserve worldwide attention.
But apart from the astonishing works of art, the public also awaits the stars’ red carpet appearances during the prestigious event, carefully watching their ensembles and outfits. Of course, besides the gowns and tux and everything in between, accessories are particularly an eye-stealer.
Lent Sparklers
As for Rita Ora, she recently learned the hard way that the only way to really take care of your belongings and to actually make sure you have them is by bringing it yourself. Case in point, the very expensive set of jewelry she was supposed to wear at the Cannes Film Festival, which could have wowed the crowd all the more.
The bling that Rita should have sported allegedly cost $4 million in total
According to reports, the jewelry in question was being transported by a woman from London Luton airport to Nice on May 16. These uber-expensive sparklers allegedly cost $4 million and were just lent by London jewelers to the British singer. Now, with that kind of baggage, pretty sure you can’t take your mind off of it even if you tried.
Jewelry Mishap
But the woman who was tasked on delivering the jewelry had a lot on her mind, it seemed because she forgot the suitcase that carried all the precious gems and also her coat on the plane. Upon realizing the blunder, the anonymous employee came back for the belongings but unfortunately, the plane had already left for a return flight back to London.
Luckily, the airline got a hold of the situation and immediately located the suitcase, keeping it safe until it was back in London. It was then recovered in Luton and transferred to the Heathrow Airport, where it was sent back to Nice.
Rita Ora wasn’t able to wear the jewelry in question because of the delay
Although the pieces of jewelry were retrieved, Rita wasn’t able to sport them because it arrived later than was supposed to, reports say. No worries, the “Your Song” singer seemed to have a lot of bling in stock for her next appearances. During Magnum’s Cannes event on May 16, she was spotted wearing an unmissable set of diamond necklace and earrings that complemented her white bustier dress.
Dating Rumor
Rita Ora and Liam Payne sparked dating rumors
Meanwhile, Rita looked happy and seemed to be enjoying herself during the event, two months after her rumored breakup with “Spider-Man” actor Andrew Garfield. Recently, the singer has been linked with One Direction former member Liam Payne after they were seen together at the Annual Filmmakers Dinner during the Cannes.
Interestingly, supermodel Naomi Campbell, Liam’s ex-girlfriend, wasn’t seen in the event despite being a Cannes regular attendee. As for the dating rumors, Rita was quick to shoot them down saying they are just good friends.
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