Trends will always be a part of every year since it usually changes over time. There are some trends that stay for about a year or two, there are also some that just never make the cut to even last a few months, but there is those kinds of trends that will simply never go out of style.
It is very easy to mix-match clothes to be able to follow a trend, there is no need to throw away clothes from last year since you might be able to use them still. Experts say that it’s easier to follow the trend when it comes to clothing since you can easily buy some or do some mix-matching and it is also the same with makeup and accessories.
Anne Hathaway with her new hair while filming in NYC
However, the most difficult part would be the hairstyles, it is not something that you could just buy and change whenever you want. It can’t magically grow so fast overnight, and it you can’t dye or bleach it every time you want to. The hair is considered to be everyone’s crowning glory, hence having good and trendy hair is always a good thing. This 2019, here are some of the best hair trends that could inspire your, just keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need to follow trends, just be confident and comfortable with how you look and you’ll be fine.
2019 Hairdos
The new year makes people want to become a new person, whether it is physically or emotionally. One way to do it is to refresh your locks by saying goodbye to the hair trends of 2018. Out with the old and in with the new indeed, because last year hair experts said that the trend was either all about super-long and luscious hair or a short and textured one. Celebrity hairstylist revealed that having a bold haircut for this year will definitely make you a trendsetter. It was also revealed that this 2019 will be a year for strong and face-framing haircuts.
It is those type of haircuts that are shorter around the face but usually are longer in the back, according to L’Oréal hairstylist Drew Schaefering, it is one element of haircuts that the world hasn’t seen in a while. He also stated that this haircut is considered to be a bold move since it would result in a stronger round shape face. He also gave advice to those who wish to change their looks for this new year, as a professional hairstylist he said that if the hair requires too much styling, then it might not be something for you.
Another famous haircut that is something that has been around for quite some time now, but is making a major comeback. That style is the messy full bangs or fringe. Hair experts believe that this cut is not exactly for everybody, but the problem is that you wouldn’t know unless you try. Just be sure to figure out how to style it in accordance of your face structure.

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New Year’s Eve has always been my favorite holiday- even more than Christmas- there’s something so crazy about thinking of all the moments and emotions and people you met and memories you made at the end of the year, and knowing you couldn’t have predicted ANY of it. Realizing that something unexpected happening in a moment changed your day, changed the course of the week, changed your life for that year, and so on…. every single day really is a blank page; and that thought is both terrifying and exactly what it means to be alive. Looking back on this year, I’ve never felt more alive, never felt the experience of being a human more intensely. I’m exhausted. LOL. But that’s how I want it. 2018. I’ve never been more in love with life than I was this year. It’s messy, it’s beautiful, it’s hard, it’s unpredictable, it’s full of hope and dreams and discovering who you are, it’s so damn precious. How the story unfolds is and isn’t under our control- all we can do is decide to show up- no matter how scary it is, no matter what happens…. to see how it turns out. Here’s to a blank page tomorrow. Happy new year ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️
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It’s All About Color
Hairstyles wouldn’t be complete if the hair color is not involved. Experts from Allure magazine revealed different shades of red will dominate the hair trends this year. It’s all about shades of red, from copper tones, cinnamon, spicy strawberry blonde, you name it and it will be on the list. Celebrities such as Julianne Hough, Anne Hathaway, Amandla Stenberg, and more have already tried dying their locks into different shades of red and they all looked amazing.
Some celebrity hairstylists believe that shades of red are more versatile than people think. It usually depends on how vibrant and rich the shade of red is as well as if it will match perfectly well on the skin tone. This literally means that those who have natural red hair could simply style their hair or have a nice haircut and they wouldn’t need to dye it just to in trend.
However, most hair experts believe that those who want to have that perfectly matched reddish tone in their hair must be willing to spend a couple hundred bucks if they wish to have that vibrant look. That is because most hair dyes that you get from the drugstore usually don’t give the kind of color you’re hoping for especially if you have really dark hair.
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