It was not too long ago that we were celebrating the fact that Lindsay Lohan is about to make a proper comeback with her own show on MTV called Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club.
However, according to recent reports, the show has now been canceled for various reasons, which means Lohan fans would now have to wait for an indefinite period of time before they get to see their favorite celebrity on the screen again (considering she does not have any upcoming project).
We are not sure what is next for Lindsay Lohan now that her show has been canceled!
That’s not all. Apparently, the Lohan-owned nightclub in the Mykonos region, which was supposed to be a main feature on the show, has also been closed. So it can be said with some certainty that the revival of Lohan’s Beach Club show may not be happening any time soon.
The Reality Show
The Mykonos nightclub had opened up its doors to the public in May of 2018, and the concept of the Beach Club show was to document the life of those working as staff members at the nightclub.
The first episode of the show went on air in January of this year, and conceptually the show’s format had been compared to that of Vanderpump Rules. However, as far as the cast members were concerned, they did not appreciate such a comparison.
The show Vanderpump Rules has garnered a lot of attention and success
According to Page Six, the reason why the cast felt insulted having been compared to Vanderpump Rules is that they felt themselves to be better than the former.
Brent Mark, one of the cast members of Beach Club, explained this sentiment, stating that the cast of Vanderpump Rules works at a small and cheap eatery located in the West Hollywood region, while they get to work in an exotic nightclub situated on a luxurious island.
Why Did the Show Get Cancelled?
The first impression of the show was good enough to ensure survival, at least for a couple of years. However, ratings started to dip as time progressed, mostly because people simply lost interest in watching the show.
As with any show, when ratings take a hit, the network airing it reevaluates the show’s position and makes a decision to either keep it or remove it. In the case of Beach Club, the ratings had fallen so much that MTV eventually decided to cancel it.
Plans for a Second Season
The show’s producers had planned out the direction they expected the show to take in its second season, possibly diverting the story towards Lohan and members of her family including her mother and sister.
According to sources, they wanted Lohan to give as much drama on the show as possible, perhaps including a number of breakdowns, or whatever would grab the audience’s attention.
Lohan may have been prepared for a second season, but she was not willing to take the direction that the producers were allegedly asking her to take.
However, Lohan was reportedly not on board with the idea of projecting matters from her private life on national television.
This probably resulted in the show losing the element of drama necessary to generate ratings, and hence the producers of the show shelved any renewal plans altogether. There are reports that the show may be revived in the coming months, however, these are unconfirmed.
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