The Kardashians are now known as one of the most successful families in the entire world. They are not only extremely famous thanks to their very popular reality show called Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but are also very rich due to some very lucrative investments they have made in businesses and fashion lines.
Although the Kardashians were already very rich, they were able to acquire fame first because of Kim Kardashian, and then due to their mother’s talent in building a brand. Now, due to Kris Jenner’s amazing work, all of the Kardashian sisters are individual brands in their own right, with Kim still enjoying more popularity than everyone else, except perhaps Kylie or Kendall Jenner.
Kim Kardashian is known around the world for her unique look and gorgeous fashion sense.
A Successful Lawsuit
All of the sister’s work extremely hard to maintain or improve their fame and/or fortune, and so it only makes sense that they don’t feel shy taking appropriate measures to ensure their brands remain protected against counterfeit products. But, since there is an extreme demand for Kardashian products, the existence of counterfeit is prevalent in the market.
This is exactly what Kim discovered at Missguided, a UK brand which does have outlets in the US as well. Apparently, Missguided was making knockoffs of the clothes made and sold by Kim, and naturally, the reality TV star decided to take action and sued the brand.
Since the company did not provide any response to the lawsuit, the case was awarded to Kim by a Californian judge, and the company Missguided was consequently ordered to pay a staggering $2.7 million to compensate Kim for the damage their actions have caused her brand. According to reports, an additional $59K has also been awarded to Kim to recover the legal costs that she has had to incur in this lawsuit. Since the court could not go against the UK handle of the brand, it ordered the US arm to fulfill the damages.
We wonder how many lawsuits Kim would be filing once she becomes a lawyer herself.
Using Kim’s Brand
It is one thing to copy the designs of another brand and market them as your own, which is still wrong but may not necessarily be illegal under the law. However, Missguided had actually used Kim’s name to sell the clothes, somewhat creating the perception that the brand was stocking original clothing by the celebrity.
According to the ruling, the company did not have any right to use Kim’s trademark, and its actions of first knocking off the clothes and then using the names as well as images of the same celebrities, as a way of recreating their looks as seen by fans on the red carpet, was an illegal action and hence it was liable to pay damages.
Kim enjoys a huge following around the world.
Where It All Started
Apparently, the lawsuit came soon after Missguided had made an Instagram post that showed a model wearing the same dress which Kim had worn in her Instagram post made just hours earlier. The brand even tagged Kardashian and warned her that the dress would become available for sale online in only a matter of a few hours, responding to Kim’s sarcastic remark where she jokingly requested fashion brands like Missguided to allow her enough time to wear the dress out in public first before creating its knock-offs.
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