If you are fishing for ideas while planning your next romantic getaway, then you are in luck because singer Joe Jonas and his gorgeous wife, actress Sophie Turner, are giving us some major vacationing goals with their honeymoon. While the internet was still not over the beautiful and seemingly refreshing vacation enjoyed by Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra in Italy, now the attention has shifted to Joe and Sophie.
Ever since the beginning of their relationship, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have been giving us major couple goals!
Let’s not forget that the newlyweds had a fabulous wedding in the gorgeous countryside of France this June, tying the knot in the presence of loving family and close friends. Although news had already surfaced that the two had gone for their honeymoon to the exotic country of Maldives, details of the trip had been kept under wraps, probably so that the pair could have a paparazzi-free time. Well, now those details have been revealed.
The Soneva Fushi
If this name sounds fancy to you, that’s because it is, and this is exactly where Joe and Sophie reportedly stayed at during their Maldives adventure. The pictures shared by them on the social networking platform Instagram showed the two having a great time at a hotel called Soneva Fushi, which is as exotic as any hotel of its kind.
From what we can observe through the pictures shared on social media, the hotel offered a lot of amazing products as well as top-notch services to the celebrity couple. For starters, there was an ocean waterslide, which apparently provided so much joy to Joe Jonas that he posted a video of himself using the water slide with a caption that compared the satisfaction he derived from the experience to actually finding happiness.
Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are going everywhere together these days. The two seem inseparable!
Joe posted a few pictures of his wife as well, whereby she is shown posing in a hammock with her rings as she looks across the great big ocean. Turner also shared some pictures, showing the pair enjoying the sunset while resting atop a lounging net, going through the jungle on bikes, as well as having a delectable meal alongside the breathtaking ocean.
She called the luxurious resort a paradise, one which offered a magical experience to its guests.
About the Resort
When in the Maldives, you can find this resort on the beautiful Kunfunadhoo Island. To cater to the needs of many visitors at the same time, the resort has installed 62 villas on the beach offering a stunning view of the ocean.
The cheapest villa you can get is priced around the $1400 range, and the price range goes all the way up to $28K for a single night, depending upon the type of the villa as not all of them offer the same kind of services or size.
It’s difficult to think of a more gorgeous and romantic place for a vacation than this one
The smallest villa has a capacity of just one bedroom, while the biggest one has an impressive nine bedrooms in it. The various amenities on offer include a private pool and a kitchen, all the while offering complete privacy to its guests. A few add-ons include a cinema that is open-air and a state-of-the-art observatory.
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