While Brie Larson has been making great strides in her career, with her Marvel appearances earning the actress a substantial amount of money, on the real estate side her luck does not seem to be favoring her in the slightest.
After a spectacular performance in the critically-acclaimed film Room, Brie Larson has now become globally famous after entering the Marvel franchise.
According to reports, the actress recently sold off her house located in the Laurel Canyon region, for a mere $2.17 million, and although this may seem like a very big amount, considering the fact that it cost her $2.25 million to get the property around three years back, she has actually incurred a significant loss especially when the figures are adjusted for inflation.
A Mid-century Heaven
For Hollywood celebrities, investing a couple of million in a house is not a very uncommon thing. In fact, many stars currently own houses that are worth over $10 million as well. But even a couple of a million dollars is enough to get a house that looks very luxurious, and Larson’s Laurel Canyon abode is a perfect example of that fact.
Brie delivered a phenomenal performance on and as Captain Marvel.
The residence, which is split across two levels, is spread around an area of 2905 sq. ft., and became Larson’s home three years back. It has three gorgeous bedrooms as well as accompanying three bathrooms. According to reports, the bungalow was built sometime in the 1950s and has that old house feel to it as well. However, Larson has also invested enough time and money into refurbishing it to make it look modern and perfect for Instagram.
The Perfect Blend of Old And New
Whoever resides in this house gets to enjoy the breath-taking hillside terrain that offers enough photo opportunities to fill up anyone’s Instagram profile. To take full advantage of these gorgeous outdoors, the house has provided enough space for a spacious courtyard at the center with an exposed ceiling made of wood that is coupled with skylights to give the entire setting a very magical appeal. The floors are also made of hardwood and complement the ceiling very well.
The house also has a very defining feature for booklovers in the form of bookshelves that are built into the wall of the living room (which also has a section that acts as a dining area). To offer the perfect reading experience, this space also has a gorgeous fireplace made of bricks to provide appropriate heat in the cold weather, and also windows that go all the way from the floor up to the ceiling, offering plenty of sunlight to enter the room to make reading much easier.
Larson’s kitchen is big enough to accommodate even the most enthusiastic of cooks.
The kitchen also has a lot to offer, with a sleek as well as modern design that boasts countertops in jet-black color and cabinets that have an eggshell-like color. The rooms are the perfect blend of luxury with comfort, especially the master bedroom that is exquisite while it has a bathroom that is the definition of minimalism with no special embellishments, although it does have a spa that may be accessed through it, however, that is a separate feature altogether.
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