Many of us believe that Hollywood celebrities have just one job: to entertain. But that is not all they do. While their Instagram profiles may show them working out or being on sets for film shoots, that is only the highlight of their day.
It may come as a surprise, although it shouldn’t considering how common this has become in recent times, Hollywood celebrities are very successful business-people too, especially when it comes to the real estate market. Just take Bruce Willis’ example.
Bruce Willis is reportedly worth a staggering $180 million right now, so he surely does not have any money problems at this time
Although he may not keep changing houses all that often, but Willis certainly knows the perfect time he has to part ways with one of his properties.
According to reported figures, his most recent sale of the Turks and Caicos property that he owned with Emma Heming Willis, who is his wife, amounted to a massive $27 million, which has most probably earned them a massive profit over the investment they had made in it. But that is not why they sold it.
A Gorgeous Abode
It is difficult to understand why someone would want to move out of a compound as gorgeous as this one. The fact that the entire property sprawls over an area of 13000 sq. ft. should be enough to anchor even the most diligent homemakers. But for Willis, there must also be a deep emotional connection with the house since he has constructed it from the ground up according to his personal taste.
Willis’ now-former Turks and Caicos house is definitely reminiscent of paradise.
Willis had made the original land purchase back in the year 2000, acquiring 7.37 acres of land that had a waterfront.
The compound constructed on it was inspired by the Asian style of housing, and was reportedly completed back in 2004, sporting a spacious accommodation with five impressive bedrooms in the main house, a pavilion to fulfill all yoga needs and two gorgeous casitas that each have three lavish bedrooms, built for any guests who may choose to stay over.
But perhaps the most defining feature is the breathtaking outdoors, and the indoors makes enough adjustments to take full advantage of the bright space outside.
The main house has been constructed in a manner that moving from indoors to outdoors takes absolutely no effort as ample sliding doors made of glass are installed instead of walls, some of which act as a doorway to a few exotic features of the house such as a patio at the back as well as a pool. Private sundecks have also been installed in the guest rooms while the master suite has a gorgeous private balcony.
The outdoor features of the house allow plenty of opportunities to soak in the sun
Moving Out
The new residents of this house won’t need to perform much repair work since it was renovated only last year. Still, the Willis family failed to sell the house at their original desired price tag of $33 million, which was probably a longshot anyway but considering its recent renovation efforts, perhaps it was justified.
But they still sold it off anyway, mostly because they had moved and now reportedly reside in the West Coast. This also explains why another one of their properties is also on sale, this one in New York.
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