If you sell your old clothes, we bet you would not be able to command much for them, if anything at all, unless you are selling extremely rare pieces or are a celebrity yourself, in which case you would probably fetch a fortune. But then there are some pieces that are truly royal and worthy of exorbitant prices, such as the late Princess Diana’s gym sweater.
After her marriage to Prince Charles, Princess Diana assumed royal responsibilities as the Princess of Wales and performed them exceptionally well.
According to reports, a gym sweater with Virgin Atlantic written on it, which once belonged to Princess Diana herself, has just been sold at an auction for a massive price bid of around $53K. While one may argue that a gym sweater, no matter who it belongs to, should not be able to sell for this much, but considering the fact that the Princess has been photographed numerous times for wearing it to the gym, it has certainly become a very valuable collector’s item.
Collecting Royalty
And indeed, the auctioned item has been bought by a collector, although his or her identity remains unknown as the buyer wished to maintain complete anonymity in this regard. According to reports, the sweater had not remained in the possession of the Princess till the time of her untimely demise because she had already gifted it to Jenni Rivett, who was her personal trainer.
The sweater had been a gift to the Princess by the one and only Sir Richard Branson, the founder of the massively successful Virgin Group, according to Rivett. Apparently, the Princess had liked the sweater so much that she had started wearing it to almost all of her visits to the gym. But that wasn’t the only reason.
There was nothing innately special in the sweater the Princess frequently wore to the gym, apart from the fact that she wore it way too many times.
It is no secret that the Princess was not the best of friends with the paparazzi, and so, in an effort to make it difficult for the photographers to get interesting pictures of her while she was making her gym trips, the Princess had started wearing the same outfit over and over again until the photographers became tired of capturing the same look on the Princess. She knew very well that people would not pay attention to pictures showing her wearing the same outfits over and over again, eventually forcing the paparazzi to leave her alone at least during gym time.
An Iconic Personality
Diana’s actions defined her and made her an icon for people around the world, both for her impeccable sense of style as well as her genuine regard for humanity. Even though the Princess had a noble family background and grew up in a privileged environment, the people connected with her arguably more than any other royal at that time.
Princess Diana continues to be recognized as one of the most iconic women to have ever existed on this planet.
Her increasing fame obviously resulted in an exponentially growing media attention on all aspects of her life, both private and public, something that disturbed the Princess very deeply as, according to reports, she valued her private life to a great extent. However, this did not stop her from performing her duties as the Princess of Wales, a role she kept honoring up until the time of her death in 1997.
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