When it comes to celebrating special occasions, nobody does it better than the one and only Kylie Jenner. She emerged as the youngest self-made billionaire in the world this year after having built up a makeup empire with her highly successful brand called Kylie Cosmetics, and so it goes without saying that she deserves to party in a larger-than-life way as well, especially when it’s her 22nd birthday.
Kylie Jenner has become a billionaire only at the age of 21.
According to reports, Jenner is going all out with celebrating her birthday this year, renting out a yacht that is costing her around $1.2 million every week, which is obviously easily affordable for her. She is also traveling in her own private jet and has reportedly gone off to Italy for what we can only hope would be the most perfect party in the world. However, there is one small detail that has gotten everyone talking about it: was that a wedding dress in her hand?
A Birthday Wedding?
It would be the most shocking news in the world if we found out that Kylie Jenner has gotten married in Italy as she celebrates her 22nd birthday because she has made absolutely no indication to that effect. However, according to the media outlet TMZ, she has left town with a dress that looked very much like a wedding dress, and that has obviously raised many eyebrows.
Jenner shares a very strong bond with Travis Scott, but are the two getting married?
Apparently, the paparazzi were very vigilant to capture anything peculiar about Jenner’s luggage, as always, but this time they found a white dress with a train that was neatly packed in with the rest of Jenner’s stuff. Travis Scott, who is Jenner’s boyfriend, also accompanied her on the plane, further fuelling the idea that the two are off to Italy both to celebrate her birthday, and also to tie the knot.
Maybe Not!
However, we have received absolutely no confirmation to this effect. In fact, the sources close to the Kardashian-Jenner clan have confirmed that a wedding is definitely not in the picture, no matter how convincing it may seem with all the supposed photo evidence the paparazzi have gathered. The family has confirmed that all we’ll get to witness is a birthday celebration.
This does not mean that Kylie does not love Travis enough to marry him, and there may certainly be a wedding in the future between these two considering that Kylie’s elder sister Kim Kardashian has been living a happily married life with her husband Kanye West for quite some time now and offers a great example for young Kylie of the loving relationship that a husband and wife share between each other.
Kylie is the proud owner of her own, very successful, makeup line called Kylie Cosmetics.
But there could be another, completely different reason why we saw that dress as part of Jenner’s luggage. As you probably already know, Jenner is a bit of a prankster and loves pulling stunts that give off a completely different meaning which is far from reality, as her way of detracting the press from what’s actually going on in her life.
Considering the fact that she has become an expert in dealing with paparazzi over the years, it seems odd that she would make the mistake of exposing the train of her dress. Perhaps it was intentional after all!
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