We were thrilled to discover that the character of Black Widow, from the Marvel universe, is getting her own film now, and we are even happier to know that the actress who played the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, Scarlett Johansson, would be reprising her role in the film.
This is a great feat not only for Johansson but also for women in cinema, as there are very few films being made in the industry that have a female lead, especially in the action and comic book genres.
Scarlett Johansson is among the biggest actresses in Hollywood right now
Although we are now witnessing a growing trend of female-centric action films, it is still to be tested whether the film industry has become comfortable enough to pay female actors just as much as their male counterparts.
In the past few years, this difference in pay has been highlighted by numerous celebrities in the entertainment industry, and now producers face an increasing pressure to compensate female cast members as much as they would’ve paid them had they been a man.
How Much Is Johansson Making?
The good news is that Johansson is reportedly commanding just as much as her male counterparts in the Marvel universe, and her takeaway from the Black Widow film would be around $15 million or more. That is at par with the compensation generated by Chris Evans as well as Chris Hemsworth for their own solo Marvel films.
Actors are usually not very open about the money they make from each particular movie, as it is an awkward topic of discussion. But when asked about her compensation for this film, Johansson highlighted that she was being paid at par with her male colleagues who have done and are doing solo films for Marvel both in the past and in the near future.
Johansson is certainly paving way for equal pay in Hollywood by commanding a sum equivalent of that being offered to her male colleagues
Although this figure is somewhat less than the $20 million that was initially being anticipated, according to reports, Johansson does enjoy considerable control over the execution of the film. Reportedly she is being allowed to give her input in the script as well as participate in the casting decisions for the film.
Not A Problem For Johansson
The fact that Johansson is being paid just as much as her co-stars should not surprise anyone since she was paid almost at par even for Avengers: Age of Ultron. This makes sense considering Johansson’s reputation as one of Hollywood’s most popular actresses, who has a huge following around the world.
Marvel fans have loved the performance given by Johansson to represent Black Widow in the MCU
Forbes has even ranked Johansson as the actress who has made the most money in a year, as she brought in $56 million, partly thanks to the $35 million that came her way from the profitability of the Avengers: Endgame. She also made the most money back in 2018 and her movies were one of the highest-grossing productions back in 2016, according to Forbes.
Johansson is certainly satisfied that she has not had to worry about pay gap at least with her Marvel projects, but she does recognize the problem of the pay gap in Hollywood.
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