Just like her now-iconic television character, America’s sweetheart Jennifer Aniston sure has a lot of friends. And it looks like she’s found the best way to celebrate a traditionally family-only holiday with them, too.
Annual ‘Friendsgiving’
A photo from Aniston’s Friendsgiving posted by her ex-husband
As per her annual traditions, the 50-year-old actress celebrated Thanksgiving with her famous buddies in a ‘Friendsgiving‘ dinner in late November. To the unfamiliar, the term Friendsgiving has entered popular use in the past years and pertains to the practice of eating the Thanksgiving meal with friends instead of one’s family as is typically the case.
Among the friends who showed up to celebrate were late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, fellow ‘Friends’ alumni Courtney Cox, ‘Arrested Development’ actor Jason Bateman and Aniston’s former husband Justin Theroux.
Judging from her celeb buddies’ posts about the party, things went incredibly well. Theroux, who has remained close to the actress since their 2018 split, even shared a short video of Cox expressing how much she loves her long-time friend and party host. A lot of fun moments were also captured by the 48-year-old actor including snippets of them joking around about releasing a DVD commentary of the event.
Good Food Aplenty
Comedian Will Arnett and Bateman were seen goofing around in the Instagram photos shared from the dinner
Of course, no Thanksgiving celebration would be complete without good food. As per the recommendation of Kimmel, Aniston served some Mexican food at the dinner. She actually prepared her famous enchiladas for the occasion, which proved to be a hit among her guests. Cox particularly expressed her love for her friend’s dish as well.
The group’s menu for the night is definitely not the traditional fare for the holiday. Traditional Thanksgiving dinners typically consist of a large roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. Meanwhile, an enchilada is a Mexican dish made of rolled corn tortilla with filling and topped with a savory sauce. It is originally a street food.
The Story of the Friendsgiving Enchiladas
Aniston posted a photo of her with the Friendsgiving enchiladas and a video of Kimmel’s reaction to the dish
According to sources, the story of the enchiladas began back in 2018 during an episode of Kimmel’s show where Aniston guested in. In the episode, Kimmel made a comment about the food served during his friend’s last Friendsgiving dinner and said that they were similar to the meals he’s already cooked for his own Thanksgiving dinner the night before. In the end, he feels like she was turning his meals into leftovers. So, to change things up, he suggested that she prepare something different for Friendsgiving instead.
He first mused about the thought of Italian meatballs replacing the usual turkey but ended up on Mexican food because he knows Aniston loves the cuisine. He even joked about how ‘Graciasgiving’ could be a nice thing for them to celebrate. Luckily, the actress made Kimmel’s wishes come true.
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