When people think of billionaires and how they spend their immense wealth, they usually imagine them splurging on yachts, luxury cars, and large estates. However, there are other members of this exclusive group who prefer to purchase and develop more low-key properties such as boutique hotels. These are some of the most gorgeous ones built by billionaires with their nearly bottomless budgets and passion for hospitality.
Maja Hoffmann’s L’Arlatan
L’Arlatan also features designs made from two million mosaic tiles as well as hundreds of signature light fixtures from Pardo himself.
Art collecting and business runs in Maja Hoffmann’s family, so it’s not surprising that she’s also chosen a similar path. Her efforts have been particularly focussed on developing the southern city of Arles, France into an art destination.
Her latest venture includes L’Arlatan, a boutique hotel where every room is a work of art. With the help of artist Jorge Pardo and his team, the ancient property was transformed into a stunning hotel filled with Van Gogh-inspired design elements.
Louis Bacon’s Islas Secas Reserve & Lodge
American hedge fund manager Louis Bacon, like some of his extremely wealthy contemporaries, have an affinity for conservation and preservation. His interest in the area can be clearly seen in Islas Secas Reserve & Lodge, said to be Panama’s first private archipelago hotel. The resort stands atop another hedge funder’s former property and seeks to use the concept of privacy as another way to protect the local ocean ecosystem.
Alexander Vik’s Vik Chile
Vik Chile is composed of 22 bespoke suites filled with one-of-a-kind furnishings and contemporary art pieces
When billionaire investor Alexander Vik and his wife, Carrie, imagined Vik Chile, they saw a bed and breakfast complete with beverages. Located in the Millahue Valley in Chile, their massive property spans a whopping 11,000 acres that’s filled with valleys and vineyards where the hotel crafts its famous wines.
Tilman Fertitta’s The Post Oak
The 36-story hotel opened its doors in 2018. Its developer, Fertitta, reportedly resides in its penthouse room
American businessman Tilman Joseph Fertitta is no stranger to the hospitality niche. In fact, he currently owns one of the largest restaurant corporations in the United States.
But his boldest project to date yet is The Post Oak, a mixed-use high rise located in Houston, Texas. The 700,000 square feet tower is site to offices, luxury accommodations, and restaurants. It’s also home to a Rolls Royce showroom as well as the region’s largest ballroom.
Wesley Edens’ Caldera House
Wanting to mix the concepts of a hotel and an alpine club, billionaire Wesley Edens tasked Carney Logan Burke Architects and Commune Design to create Caldera House. While it’s said to be the most accessible hotel in the area, not many would be able to enjoy it thanks to the pricey $100,000 initiation fee. This said it seems that Edens has successfully made something that other wealthy people will truly enjoy.
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