Cruises have a reputation for being a travel arrangement meant for couples. There’s even a song saying how ‘cruising is made for love’. But it looks like that reputation is slowly changing as cruise lines are becoming more accommodating to solo travelers. Some have even begun to build lounges, especially for solo cruisers. Want to try out the experience firsthand? Here are some tips to follow to get the most out of a solo cruise trip.
The ‘Solo’ Tax
Remember to book early if you’re opting for a solo cabin as they tend to sell out first and don’t tend to go on sale
The single supplement, also called the solo tax, used to be one of the aspects a lone traveler dreads leading them to avoid cruises altogether in the past. The said fee is typically a part of the rate for double-occupancy, which is added to one’s bill when they stay in a cabin alone.
The single supplement varies from cruise line to cruise line and can cost one up to 200% more. But this will no longer be a problem as solo cabins, designed for solo occupancy, are now available for the lone cruiser.
Dining & Exploring Alone
Try requesting to be seated at a bigger table as staff tends to fill larger tables anyway
Another concern of solo travelers is dining by themselves. Luckily, they can now have the chance to meet new people while enjoying their meals as cruise ships have changed their reservations system to put solo travelers together. This is a good opportunity for like-minded people to interact with each other. And those who might want to spend some quality alone time can also request for a single-seating option.
One of the most fun aspects of cruising is exploring attractions when the ship arrives at ports. And the great thing about these stopovers is that one can easily enjoy exploring these destinations by themselves. Some group or couple travelers even split up at this time giving solo cruisers time to interact with their shipmates.
Best Lines for Lone Travelers
According to reports from cruise lines, about 20% of their guests are actually traveling solo
Convinced to give solo cruising a shot? Here are some cruise lines worth checking out.
Celebrity Cruises might be a good choice especially their ship Celebrity Edge, which reportedly has 16 cabins reserved for solo explorers. Currently, it’s the line’s only one that offers accommodations specific for people who travel alone.
Another contender is Costa Cruises, which has more ships with solo cabins. In fact, eight out of the 14 ships they operate actually has this feature. What more, these rooms are almost identical to standard rooms, except for the slightly smaller beds. Holland America is one more line that has opened its doors to solo travelers. Their efforts are particularly evident in their two newest seacrafts the Nieuw Statendam and the Koningsdam, which both have accommodations for solo cruisers.
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