Finding a loophole can help you to stay out of trouble, get free stuff, and travel around the world for free. As citizens, we are subjected to rules every single day of our life. But rules, like most things, are far from perfect. Sometimes, all it takes to uncover a great loophole is a visionary and creative genius.
Today, he will share the story of 45 inventive men and women who have been able to cash-in on their ability to defy the commanding rule. Whether they’re making the most out of a promotion or getting free plane tickets in the cleverest of ways, these incredible loopholes are guaranteed to make your life a whole lot easier.
Park Your Car Like A Star
Have you ever visited one of those parking lots in which a ticket is handed to you as soon as you enter? The rules are simple: you’re supposed to leave your car, go off to your business, and then come back and pay for the ticket. The fare is measured according to the amount of time your car was parked.
But what about this loophole? You can easily enter the parking lot, get your ticket, pay it immediately, leave it in the car, and only then go off to your business! By doing this you’re able to save tons of money in parking lot fares without even sweating!
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