It’s indeed sad when somebody dies, regardless of whether they left a will or not. If a famous actor or singer who is widely admired dies, it sends ripples all across, especially when they don’t leave a will behind. Where will their liquid assets and marketable securities go after their death? Well, it becomes the job of a qualified attorney to determine what happens to their property. You will find here 103 celebrities who died, and you probably didn’t have any idea.
Most of these celebrities died intestate, which just means that they died without leaving a will behind. While some of them left quite an empire, others were deep in bad debt before their death. But one thing’s for sure – they will remain forever in our hearts. We’re sure the attorney-at-law appointed for each of these deceased celebrities got super busy with their clients’ debts and wills. It’s actually strange to how even the rich and famous make this costly mistake of not making a will, as this only makes it more difficult for their attorneys to find rightful legatees to their assets and properties.
Richard Griffiths

Uncle Vernon, Harry Potter’s uncle, died of post-surgery cardiac complications in 2013 at the age of 65. Richard was a well-known proscenium actor and has won multiple awards, including a Tony Award, for his performance in The History Boys.
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