Connections: From fear/power to love.
Moving from aggressive/toxic masculinity.
“But something much deeper is going on.
The arms race, world wars, civil conflicts, and an insane buildup of atomic bombs symbolize masculine aggression reaching some kind of apex that is also a dead end.
won’t save a planet that needs emergency medicine.
We find ourselves in a The human mind isn’t a chaotic morass.”.
When we kill women in our stories, we aren’t just annihilating female gendered bodies.
We are Because what we really mean when we say we want strong female leads is: “Give me a man but in the body of a woman I still want to see naked.” — empathy, vulnerability, listening — When I look at the world our stories have helped us envision and then erect, these are the very qualities that have been vanquished in favor of an overwrought masculinity.
I believe both are valuable, essential, powerful.
How do we restore balance.
Or how do we evolve beyond the limitations that binaries like feminine/masculine present in the first place?” , , , Leave a Reply Cancel reply.
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