Data is at the core of value creation and competitive ness.
Managing data at scale is complicated, time consuming, expensive and can hinder developer’s productivity and competitiveness.
until now.
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ANALYST REPORT Evaluator Group Analyzes Datera Tier 1 SDS.

While other SDS technologies have a similar scale-out architecture

their processes for handling the metadata associated with data p.
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90% of Fortune 1000 use Containers in production

offering new complexity to networking and storage.
Discover the primary considerat.
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Everything you need to know about Enterprise SDS, from the basics of cloud storage operations on-prem and application -driven automat.
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Global Legal Tech Firm Increases Performance & Competitiveness with Datera Tier 1 Software-Defined Storage.
The search for a software-defined solution that could match the performance of all-flash arrays on hybrid servers, did not lock-in on a single hardware vendor, provided regional automation on stretched clusters, and offered consumption-based flexibility and economics led to Datera enterprise software defined storage.
Automation is the key to a scalable storage solution.
Datera’s unique intelligent placement technology allows unparalleled data orchestration capabilities.
Data orchestration that manages capacity and performance in response to the application needs.
Automation extends beyond just data to encompass the complete life-cycle of the data, not infrastructure.
Enterprises modernizing their infrastructure require a broad spectrum of performance.
From millions of collective IOPS to 10’s of GB/s of throughput while meeting low latency service levels.
Deployments are built from commodity storage nodes from different vendors with different media types and different levels of capacities.
Legacy systems depreciate in value due to inflexible and rigid upgrade constraints, modern infrastructure is much more adaptive to advances in media, .

CPU and networking technologies

Datera’s data orchestration is managed by policy

This policy engine is the heart of what allows the system to seamlessly grow and adapt to the needs of the organization and applications.
Need faster.
No problem, .

Shop the latest technologies then add performance or focused nodes (NVMe or Optane)

The system identifies these new nodes, abstracts and automates proper data placement based upon policy and added resources.
Never migrate, just continuously add resources, update nodes, let Datera optimize.

“Datera’s Data Services Platform simplifies IT storage architectures

creating a single design that spans workloads, locations and use cases.
For organizations drowning in islands of storage, it deserves strong consideration.” George Crump, Chief Steward Learn More “In a time when enterprise IT organizations are demanding greater infrastructure agility to keep pace, Datera helps by delivering scale-out persistent storage that offers this necessary agility.” Scott Sinclair, Senior Analyst Learn More.

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