ECGC 2020 Speakers.
Become a speaker Tom Abernathy is the Studio Narrative Director at ArenaNet, where he guides story development and execution on Guild Wars 2 and other projects.
His major game credits include GW2, The Division , League of Legends, Crimson Alliance, Halo: Reach, The Saboteur, and Destroy All Humans.
1 & 2.
A 20-year veteran of companies including Riot Games, Microsoft Studios, and the late, great Pandemic Studios, in 2009 Tom was named one of “The Gamasutra 20: Top Game Writers.” His most recent film credit, Bad Country, was released in 2015 by Sony Pictures .
You can follow his ill-advised ramblings on Twitter @tomabernathy.
2020 ECGC Speakers ECGC 2020 Speaker selection is in progress.
New speakers are being added daily.
Alexandra LucasAlexandra Lucas.
Representation, Rewards, & Playersexuality: The Evolution of Relationship Mechanics in Dragon Age Read More Ashley RuhlAshley Ruhl.
Cinematic Designer, BioWare Austin Evolution of the Cutscene: Innovating Narrative Delivery in Games Read More.

Read More Bill SlavicsekBill Slavicsek

Lead Writer, Zenimax Online Studios Improving Writing and Storytelling in Persistent RPGs Read More Bob LadrachBob Ladrach.
VR Consultant, Campaign VR Virtual Reality in Education – Enabling kids easily create immersive content.
Read More.
Brandon BurnsBrandon Burns.
Director of Instructional Technology, Clinton County R3 Hackathons – Gamify game development .
Read More.
Brian HeagneyBrian Heagney.
Instructor of Game & Interactive Media Design, High Point University Designing games for wildlife and other non-humans Read More Carlos Iván López SandovalCarlos Iván López Sandoval.
Lead Programmer, Cosmogonia Things you may be doing wrong in Unity Read More Carmen AskerneeseCarmen Askerneese.
Lead Designer, Electronic Arts Narrative on the go.

Writing for Mobile Games Read More Christian EraliChristian Erali

Game Designer Rock Climbing , the Vertical Hallway – Creating More Immersive and Compelling Gameplay in Adventure Titles Read More Cindy FosterCindy Foster.
Program Director – Simulation and Game Development, WTCC Read More D.
Patrick RoederD.
Patrick Roeder.
Lead Instructor of Simulations and Game Development, .

BRCC Switching Things Up In the Classroom Read More

David KlinglerDavid Klingler.
President, Solanimus Inc.

& NonZeroSoul LLC Reinvent the Why Read More David ReidDavid Reid

Chief Marketing Officer, .

Behaviour Interactive The Rise of Canadian Game Developers Read More

Charles O’BrienDr.
Charles O’Brien.
Adjunct Professor, University of Alabama – Huntsville Encouraging Users Through Gamification: A Case Study of the mPACT App Read More.
Read More Dr.
Timothy BalintDr.
Timothy Balint.
Assistant Professor, Stonehill College Generating Procedural Worlds Read More Dr.
Seth HudsonDr.
Seth Hudson.
Assistant Professor – Game Writing, George Mason University Before the Monomyth: Motifs and Why They Matter Read More.
Elize MorganElize Morgan.
Senior Writer, WB Games Montreal Breaking Story: How to Run A Writing Room for Games Read More Elsa SjunnesonElsa Sjunneson.
Disability Consultant and Freelance Author Blindness in a Visual Medium: Disability & Narrative Design in Video Games Read More Enrique Pacheco San MartinEnrique Pacheco San Martin.
Senior – Digital Media, East Tennessee State University Read More Ethan LevyEthan Levy.
Executive Producer, N3TWORK Building the Esport for Everyone: Lessons from Tetris Primetime Read More Evan WintersEvan Winters.
Student, .

Dakota State University Pac-Man’s Razor: An Ontological Analysis of Pac-Man Read More

Read More Gabriel PappalardoGabriel Pappalardo.
Founder/Creative Director, Six Wing Studios Video Games and Mental Well-being: A Rallying Cry Read More Grant ShonkwilerGrant Shonkwiler.
Commander & Shonk, Shonkventures Elevating your career to the next level: Lessons from a Career Read More.
Heidi McDonaldHeidi McDonald.
Contract Writer, Disruptor Beam My Epiphany: Designing Character Compatibility for Romance Read More HollyAnn Nye RogersHollyAnn Nye Rogers.
Director of Grants Development, WTCC Read More Jedidjah Julia NoomenJedidjah Julia Noomen.
Writer/Narrative designer, Freelance Listening vs reading: The differences between writing for voiced and written dialogue Read More.
Read More Joe FielderJoe Fielder.
Beyond Bandersnatch: Applying Game Narrative Lessons to Writing Interactive Media Read More Joe MalteseJoe Maltese.
Global Gaming Director, Chetu Build Your Own Online Game: What You Need To Know To Make It Happen Read More Jonathan MunozJonathan Munoz.
Business Development Manager, Genvid Technologies Breaking down the barriers between Player and Viewer: The history, evolution, and future of Viewer Participation Read More Jorge RodriguezJorge Rodriguez.
Game Designer, Amazon Game Studios Seattle Hot Takes on Game Development Read More Josh FairhurstJosh Fairhurst.
CEO, Limited Run Games Failure Is Not The End Read More Julie DemyanovichJulie Demyanovich.
Undergraduate Researcher, George Mason University Calculating Confidence – Investigating Confidence of Game Developers During and After Higher Education Read More Justin JohnsonJustin Johnson.

Landscape Design and Games Read More Jyoti BishnoiJyoti Bishnoi

CEO, Not A Bot Studio Rethinking game controllers in Augmented Reality – No Touching.
Read More.
Mandy BradburyMandy Bradbury.
PhD Candidate – NCSU How Does Virtual Reality Compare.

The Effects of Avatar Appearance and Medium on Connection and Social Presence Read More

Marty HenlyMarty Henly.
Read More Maxim LitvinovMaxim Litvinov.
Gameplay Engineer, Ubisoft – Red Storm Entertainment GREAT EXPECTATIONS – Breaking into the Modern Day Game Industry Read More Michelle CloughMichelle Clough.
Writer/Editor/Narrative Designer, Talespinners Skin, Seduction, and Story: Writing Sex Scenes for Video Games Read More Nathan ShumakerNathan Shumaker.
Programmer, Solanimus Inc.

Designing Games for Education Read More Nich MebaneNich Mebane

Sound Designer, Team Audio Non-Audio Tips To Be A Better Audio Person Read More Nicholas AllenNicholas Allen.
Co-founder, Cerulean Cat Studio, .

LLC Retro Game Tech for Modern Environments Read More Nick ComptonNick Compton

Lead Artist, Verity Integrated Systems Serious.
Another viable option Read More.
Read More Patrick TharpePatrick Tharpe.
Motion Graphics Designer, Lynxnet, LLC Creativity is Freedom: From Traveling the World to Creating Them Read More Paxton GalvanekPaxton Galvanek.
General Manager & Board Member, Funcom Inc.
Breaking into the Video Game Industry & Getting Hired Read More Rachael PresserRachael Presser.
Principal, Sonic Toad Media LLC How to Address Communications Challenges in Small Indie Teams Read More.
Read More Rebecca HarwickRebecca Harwick.
Head of Writing, Wooga Writing the Never-ending Story (Without Burning Out) Read More.
Sarah AllerSarah Aller.
QA Lead, Community Manager, and Artist for 1336 Studio Networking for Noobs Read More Shawn SmithShawn Smith.
CEO, .

Harena Data The Future of Esports is Education Read More Todd EmmaTodd Emma

Read More.
Tom RassweilerTom Rassweiler.
VP of Product: Interactive Content, Arkadium Web Based Games: The Next Big Thing.
Read More William MayfieldWilliam Mayfield.
Producer, FricknFrack Games The 50+ GameDevs Read More.
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