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#1 Spectators take full advantage of weather and track side parking » 2019 In Christmas Lights » 2020-09-06 16:04:11

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Category: Christmas.
Secret Blogger Santa.
December 25, 2019                   Secret Blogger Santa is a collab event hosted by Ellen over at Livid Lightning and Later Levels where we all got assigned another blogger to showcase and shout out on …          Read More "Secret Blogger Santa".
Christmas Lights Review.
December 11, 2019                   In Christmas Lights, a card game from 25th Century Games, you are trying to put together the perfect string of lights.
The catch, however, .

Is that you can’t see what …          Read More "Christmas Lights Review"

Favorite Holiday Specials From Childhood.
December 21, .

2018                   Tis the season of warm and fuzzy feelings and some nostalgia

And there is something about holiday specials that really make me nostalgic, especially when remembering my favorites from childhood.
…          Read More "Favorite Holiday Specials From Childhood"                              Last Minute Gifts for Geeks.
December 17, 2018                   Christmas is just one week away so the time for gift shopping is swiftly coming to a close.
If you’re still trying to find some gifts for the geeks in …          Read More "Last Minute Gifts for Geeks"                              Festive Video Games for the Holidays.
December 14, 2018                   After doing posts about games for Halloween, both horror and non-horror, .

I decided that Christmas needed some video game love as well

And while there are many, many super cheesy …          Read More "Festive Video Games for the Holidays"                              Great Board Games for Stocking Stuffers.
December 10.

2018                   Now that the holiday season is in full swing

you may be on the hunt for various gifts and stocking stuffers.
While stockings specifically can be a challenge due to …          Read More "Great Board Games for Stocking Stuffers"                              The Ultimate Gift Guide for Geeks.
November 26, 2018                   It’s officially gift shopping time for the holidays coming up and you probably have a geek in your life you’d like to get a good gift for.
Well, welcome to …          Read More "The Ultimate Gift Guide for Geeks"                              The Christmas Tag.
December 18, 2017                   I decided to squeeze one last Christmas-y post after seeing The Christmas Tag go around.           Read More "The Christmas Tag"                              Board Games for the Holidays.
December 15, .

2017                   Need a game for the office Christmas party to make it more fun

Or maybe a game to bring to the family get-together.
Well here are some festive suggestions to …          Read More "Board Games for the Holidays"                             2 Next                                                                                                                                           Privacy & Cookies: This site uses cookies.
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