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#1 How Technology Can Help You Tune Back Into Nature »  News & Social Module » 2020-09-07 12:58:53

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News & Social Module.
The Astucemedia News & Social Module is the web app management tool designed specifically for the Data Platform server to manage all incoming social media data feeds from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, RSS, Reuters, and Getty Images.

The Astucemedia News & Social module is configured to ingest

manage, schedule, and publish all levels of social media posts, tweets, images, video, and also has the capability of integrating and publshing to Viz One.
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Feed Browser.
The Astucemedia Data Platform News & Social module combined with the Astucemedia Vizrt Shared Memory and Astucemedia Vizrt News & Social plugins make it easy for newsroom staff to update and select data using the vizrt feed browser within content pilot or newsroom component.  Customized news and social data templates allow producers and content editors to quickly search or choose posts, tweets, or news feeds within the data platform web module while utilizing your existing Vizrt MSE and Update Service workflow.
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