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APEX DX 2020.17 Update Now Available

APEX DX 2020.17 Update Now Available.
TRY DX FOR FREE!  CLICK HERE                                                     Download DX 2020.17 Update                             APEX Turbine Testing Technologies, Inc.
is releasing DX Version 2020.17.  List of improvements below: “Apply All” and “Apply Page” plot overhaul implemented to make plot edits more in line with APEX DS (#101719, #101851, #101861, #101871, #101884).
* Improvements to the “Print” function including improvements to Zmod printing and page sizing (#102392, #102392, #102394, #102395).
* “Duplicate Page” feature now works with parameter data (#102377)* Various bug fixes.

Click image to learn more about DX Offline Signal Processing Software

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