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and DC OptiX solutions… Read More »

Saturday, September 5 2020.
/Products Products.
MSI has shared its take on NVIDIA’s exciting new GeForce RTX 30 series GPUs, .

With graphics cards that unite the…   Read More »

ASUSRepublic of Gamers (ROG) Middle East today announced ROG Swift 360 Hz PG259QNR, .

The world’s fastest esports gaming monitor with…   Read More »

ZOTAC Technology Limited has announced the advent of the all-new ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs based on the…   Read More ».
September 1, .

2020  2,860      ASUS Announces VMware vSAN ReadyNode Certification

ASUS has announced that the ASUS RS720-E9-RS24-E server has been certified by VMware for vSAN ReadyNode configurations.

ReadyNode servers are…   Read More »
2,173      Huawei Launches Latest Digital OptiX Network Solutions in the Middle East

Huawei has announced the launch of its digital OptiX network solutions including Single OptiX, Campus OptiX, and DC OptiX solutions…   Read More ».

2,853      Huawei Announces the Next-Gen OceanStor Pacific Series

Huawei has announced the worldwide launch of the next-generation mass storage system — OceanStor Pacific Series.

The series delivers efficient,…   Read More »

When it comes to business laptops, .

One of the brands that come to mind is Lenovo
The company has been…   Read More »

August 26, 2020  2,254      BenQ Unveils New RP02 Series Interactive Flat Panels.
In a few days, schools will re-open, and kids will most likely resume schooling with a combination of social distancing…   Read More ».

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