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Bots & Wotnots.
Bots & Wotnots.

This little section of BSoMT is dedicated to all things Wotnot

Bot like and Automated.
A closer look at mechanics making multi-player games accessible to the solitaire player.
AutTauPilot- Tau Ceti Bot 2.
Both Sides of the C.
N.- Liberty or Death Bots    3.
Automated Wine Intelligence- Tuscany Automa 4.
Not a Robot but Definitely a Wotnot- C3i’s solitaire rules for No Retreat Russian Front  5.
One Man and His Dog- A mechanic for the solo game of 21Days that provides a four legged AI friend to help the lonely gamer adrift at sea on a raft.
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Velcro the boardgame cat.
Bots & Wotnots.
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