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Inspired by our co-workers At Alliance

Focused on the customer                                          Making a difference                                                                                                                              Corporate Overview  Alliance Enterprises, founded in 1981, has a history of providing leaders and innovators technology based solutions.
Alliance specializes in creating powerful applications used by thousands of individuals around the world.
Today, .

Alliance provides two distinct offerings to customers, Aware  and Summit business lines

Alliance dominates the Vocational Rehabilitation market as the #1 provider of case management, analytics and Cloud Services for State Agencies and Tribal Nations in the United States.

Alliance’s Aware  Solutions are used nationwide

serving over 12,000 VR professionals.
Summit products are designed to empower teams to achieve strategic business goals through completion of tactical objectives.
The Summit products integrate technology and best practices to improve the quality of management.
Each software solution focuses on challenging organizations to engage in friendly competition, creating a culture of accountability and recognized results.

Alliance is committed to investing in our company

creating a dedicated workforce and inspiring smart creatives.
Corporate Vision  Bringing technology solutions and best practices to leaders around the world  Loved by our customers  At Alliance, we go the extra mile to anticipate the needs of our customers and our customers’ clients.
Bringing our customer’s best practices in management and technology solutions is critical to our goal of delighting our customers.

Respected by our stakeholders  Alliance Enterprises

founded in 1981, with a mission to develop and support Socially Relevant Computing solutions.
Alliance became widely recognized as the market leader for Vocational Rehabilitation software and services.
Today, Alliance provides multiple applications to empower managers across a wide range of industries.
Inspired by our co-workers  At Alliance, we surround ourselves with a team of diverse individuals, inspired to make a difference.
We come from a variety of backgrounds in Business, Technology and Social Services.

Outperforming our competitors  At Alliance

we focus on investing and cultivating a dedicated workforce.
Alliance prides itself on developing a working environment full of individuals who are committed to excellence and have a strong customer focus.
Our employees are trustworthy and care about others, coming to work each day excited to make a difference.

At Alliance we invest in smart creatives

and push our employees to increase their business savvy, technical knowledge and industry perspective.
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