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Consulting & Engineering         Real-time data management

change auditing, powerful analytics, and reporting enable consulting firms to streamline services to help their clients meet regulatory, operational, and environmental goals.
Competing demands for water include safe drinking water, sanitation, agriculture, mining, hydropower, ecological habitat, and industry.
Accurate water information is more critical than ever to support growing populations, manage climate change, and meet tightening regulations.
The world’s leading consulting firms offer services to monitor, manage, safeguard, and use water resources to optimize their benefits.

They trust Aquatic Informatics to efficiently deliver accurate

timely water data management services to government, hydropower, industrial, municipal, and mining organizations around the world.

Leading consulting and engineering firms trust Aquatic Informatics
EBJ Webinar: Definitive Environmental C&E Trends to 2020

Discover environmental C&E trends that can boost professional success and firm revenues.
Industry expert Grant Ferrier, CEO of Environmental Business Journal, shares strategic market information every environmental C&E professional needs to know.
Watch Now                                 Herrera Environmental C&E Firm Delivers Highest Quality Data with Aquatic Informatics.

“Aquatic Informatics has revolutionized the way we manage and QA our water data

We now deliver flow data to our clients which has a clear audit trail, a QA history, and estimations of measurement error, all with 50% efficiency gains.
This has given us a distinct advantage over the competition.” – Dylan Ahearn, Herrera Consultants                                                  Golder Associates Uses Aquatic Informatics for Hydrometric Data Management Services.
The 9th largest environmental consulting firm in the world, Golder Associates uses AQUARIUS Time-Series software to manage water data from a network of hydrometric gauging stations across Canada to meet a variety of client requirements.

With AQUARIUS we manage our continuous stage records and real-time discharge

so our clients can monitor their watersheds nearly instantaneously.
We can deliver high quality, reliable data with greater details for our customers.
Andre Zimmermann Principal Northwest Hydraulic Consultants.
2400 – 1111 West Georgia St Vancouver, BC V6E 4M3 1.877.870.2782 | +1.604.873.2782.
Copyright ©  Aquatic Informatics Inc.


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