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Open the InformationCenter via Tools -> System Information

Previous                                    AgenaTrader Newsletter / week 36/2020
Live trading with the ATT team Tonight

3 September, the ATT team invites you to another live trading webinar, asking an interesting question: Why most traders fail In an exciting session, reasons and factors for why many traders are not successful are discussed.
Among other things, the focus will be on discipline, courage and following a set of rules.

Here you can register … This webinar will take place in German
New date: The professional way to options trading Due to technical difficulties

the first part of the 4-part webinar series: The Professional Way to Options Trading had to be cancelled last week.
The second part of the first part is therefore now about how options can be used to earn a regular income.
The other topics are therefore postponed by one week each: September 10th – Basics of options trading September 17th – How to choose the right values and strategies September 24th – How do you organise your options workflow.

Marcus says: “Using the Ruhnau TurningPoint package and Ruhnau Options package

I explain both Bull Put spreads and Vertical Call spreads – selected in long direction.
We also look at direct recommendations for action that promise extremely high hit rates and returns with low, calculated risk”.

Here you can register …   This webinar will take place in German
Check it out: AgenaTrader BETA Release of version Recently

AgenaTrader version was put into BETA mode.
As already announced in this newsletter, 2.7.5 will include the following main functionalities: New Futures Mapping MT5 Connector TaiPan – New API EOD-Fundamental Screener AgenaInTheCloud We already have a whopping 3-digit number of users working with the v.2.7.5.
If you want to switch over, you can install it now.
The official version will go live in approximately 1.5 weeks.
ATTENTION: All main features will only be activated gradually within the next weeks until the minor release.
Here you can find the current release notes.

Here you can find the BETA download … Please note that this is a BETA release

which, if there is no feedback, will soon be officially available as a minor release directly from AgenaTrader.
Tip of the week: Notifications in the InfoCenter Did you know that you can display important notifications in the InfoCenter.
Open the InformationCenter via Tools -> System Information.
Here, messages are displayed that have no system-related causes, but messages appear that describe a specific procedure in each case: For example, you will be informed about alarms or rejected orders.
In the protocol tab, you will find messages which are internal to the system.
Here you will receive general information e.g.
about your login status, but also error messages.
So if something does not work as it should, it is always worth taking a look at the log.

You can find the log under Tools -> System Information -> Log

Further details on the InformationCenter can be found here in our online help…                                                              Dear AgenaTrader users.
We hope you and your loved ones had a relaxing vacation.
After this summer, which was exceptional in every respect, we wish you a good start into the school- and trading season.
Your AgenaTrader Team                                                  By               Share This Story, Choose Your Platform!.
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