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I was skimming Twitter looking at something else

Open Knowledge and Literature.
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A short while ago, .

I noticed a way of reading using Twitter that I had not seen previously

It is something that I would like to investigate a  little further  but have parked it for now whilst I write a paper or two.
I was skimming Twitter looking at something else, I saw this link […]            August 4, 2018 – 4:05 pm         By          Posted in            Comments (0)                 Pandas, historical dates and formatting error.
Programming with dates and times are always fun.
I had hoped that after some time  working with  them at JISCmail on a central service that I could be forgiven their gory details.
Sadly some work with pandas bit me again in this area… I have been updating my Digital Humanities Summer School talk on Reproducibility […]            March 27.

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Python         Comments (0)                 A creaking social media.

The Guardian ran a piece by Tim Burrows on Facebook’s Safety Check feature

Safety Check: is Facebook becoming fear’s administrator-in-chief.
I do find the  social media  platform increasingly fascinating, especially as it comes under critique for its social and technical choices.
There’s an increasing creakiness that is coming to the fore now.
Ruminating on the […]            January 5.

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