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Set goals for your team based on your custom KPIs

Stay goal-oriented with live countdowns and progress trackers.
Set goals for your team based on your custom KPIs, and keep everyone up to date on your team’s progress with the Dynamic Value feature.

Live Countdowns help you keep your team focused and motivated

Track time to a big deadline, or boost morale by counting down to an important event or holiday.

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More  Features !.

Follow a manual added link   Leaderboards

Live performance metrics & rankings ACCOUNTABILITY       Follow a manual added link   Sales Contests .
Gamified real-time  competition s MOTIVATION      Follow a manual added link   Announcements & Media.
News, strategies, .

& custom media COMMUNICATION      Follow a manual added link   Big Events

Instant achievement acknowledgement  RECOGNITION       Follow a manual added link   KPI Dashboards.

Real-time performance trackers TRANSPARENCY         Remote Viewer

Access for your remote team members TRANSPARENCY           Learn how  gamification  can transform your team culture and boost productivity.
Schedule your risk-free demo  today .


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