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Discovery Consulting provides SAP and SuccessFactors consulting services to assist our customers with their planning, .

Implementation and support across their current and future SAP landscapes

SAP  Consulting Services .
We assist organisations across cloud software and business  transformation  initiatives, such as organisational change management, business process refinement, solution architecture and planning, and Programme Governance/Project Management. Our committed workforce is passionate and will ensure that the result for our customers provides the outcome they need and expect from a professional service organisation. Bringing highly qualified personnel with experience across the plethora of system landscapes, brings reassurance to our customers when seeking expert consulting services.

SAP consulting Services Include:Business Strategy and PlanningAligning business strategy

developing business cases with the alignment of achievable results of business achievements, software selection to align business strategy with business processes and efficiency.
Software selectionProvide insight for customers that for their current and future  requirements , together with their targeted budget figures, the most appropriate software selection for both short and long term needs.

Architecture and PlanningDefining a long-term roadmap

whilst ensuring that short term considerations allow for business requirements to be achieved in early realisation benefits.
Architecture and planning provides organisations to understand their alternatives and allow for due consideration to take into consideration the short and long term needs, whilst building a comprehensive plan and assist with a business case to reach realistic return on investment (ROI)  requirements .
Project Governance / Programme ManagementReduce the risk of  implementation  by effectively managing Programmes/Projects within an organisation to ensure that the delivery of planned benefits with planned timelines and budgets bring together the complexity of multiple teams and interdependencies.
Bring together the teams of technical, business experts, subject matter experts, change and training, technical, functional and user acceptance.
Change Management and  Communications Change is essential for the acceptance of software and processes so that the organisation understands the driving need for change and help the workforce understand the reason and vision.
Our change and training team complement the business team who understand the business and stakeholders to most effectively have the  organisation  embrace and adopt processes and solutions.
Business Process  Effectiveness Bring best practice and efficiency to your processes by reviewing existing and looking to remove inefficiencies and outdated processes and taking advantage of elements such as intelligent services.
Our consultants are well-positioned to assist in defining the best strategy for your  organisation  to achieve its goals and succeed with its strategy.   SAP Cloud and On-Premise Implementation.
Discovery Consulting personnel have been involved with SAP  implementation s for over 20 years, across on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments and bring our customers significant experience and knowledge to most effectively implement, and have accepted into their organisation, solutions to most effectively achieve the objective of business cases.
Whether it is ERP Cloud, SuccessFactors, On-Premise S/4 HANA, ECC6 or a Hybrid, Discovery Consulting is able to assist succeed with a successful implementation including:Functional and TechnicalProcess and system experts across the key areas, including:Human Resources and Payroll (HR/Payroll)Finance.

Controlling and ReportingTechnology and DevelopmentSecurity and Governance

Risk and ComplianceBusiness Intelligence Services Test ManagementEnsure complete business process coverage across processes and solutions by providing governance across multiple teams with the development of strategy, planning and the effective execution and governance by the implementation team and end business users.
Governance / Project ManagementEffectively manage Projects to ensure that the delivery of planned benefits with planned timelines and budgets bring together the complexity of multiple teams and interdependencies.
Bring together the teams of technical, business experts, subject matter experts, change and training, technical, functional and user acceptance.

Quality AssuranceBe assured that the solution being delivered is of high quality

meets the objectives of the business case, follows best practices and will be an easily maintainable solution for the longer term.

Support and Continual Improvement

Discovery Consulting provides different engagement alternatives from full Application Management Services, through to flexible engagement to supplement existing organisational support teams.
This ensures support certainty and reduces the risk for organisations across critical business processes.
Our support team looks at the support of software and business process continuity, and at continual improvement to allow the organisation to adopt and accept more efficient processes. Please refer to our Support pages for further information.
Cloud Extensions and Products.
Discovery Consulting is the leading global organisation that helps customers leverage the benefits and speed of the cloud, by retaining the flexibility to ensure requirements are met and businesses can differentiate for their competitive advantage.
Where unique requirements need to be met that are essential for an organisation, .

Customised cloud extensions and products are available from Discovery Consulting
Discovery Consulting has a number of apps available on the SAP Cloud Platform

these include  Position Management,  SafetyFactors (EH&S) and  Pay Advice. Find out more about our SAP Apps and Extentions      2 Next »    Name.
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