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each hero has his own set of skills and Ultimate move

Lead your own squad from over 30 unique heroes in this side-scrolling beautifully drawn 2D  adventure .
Assemble your team and lead your heroes to victory in a world full of  Adventure  and challenge!.
Unique Hero Roster.
Choose from 30 unique heroes, each hero has his own set of skills and Ultimate move, discover synergies between different heroes and challenge yourself against the forces of darkness, or prove your might against other players and dominate the leaderboar                             A world of  adventure .
Vanquish evil in over 100+ levels.

Compete in The Arena against other players

reach for the sky in the Magic tower fighting against hordes of enemies, embark on a sea journey full of treasure and pirates, discover new lands and defend them against the plundering of other players, there is always an adventure to be had.
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