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participate in the Digital Principles Forum

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See which organizations endorse the Principles for Digital Development

Endorsing the Principles for Digital Development means that an organization, at the highest levels.

Agrees to put the Digital Principles into practice through its policies

processes and activities.
It is a formal and  public  acknowledgement that an organization is committed to designing technology-enabled tools that can reach more people, achieve greater impact and produce stronger and more sustainable outcomes by actively living out the Digital Principles.
Formal endorsement is quite easy, and only requires the following:  Endorsement  Letter: We ask that endorsing organizations share a letter with the signature of an executive or senior-level leader formally endorsing the Principles for Digital  Development .
The letter should include the following statement:.
“As an endorser of the Principles for Digital Development.

We will seek to embody the concepts of the Digital Principles

represented in our work culture and in the policies and processes guiding our international development activities.” There is not a formal endorsement form that needs to be completed; an organization can simply draft their own letter with the above statement included.
Letters are also helpful to learn more about  organization s and how they envision the Principles fitting into their work.
Logo: Organizations should share a high-resolution version of their logo for inclusion on the  Digital Principles  website and promotional materials.
View all current endorsers here.
Point of Contact/Advocate:  Organizations  should identify at least one person who will serve as the Digital Principles point of contact (POC) or advocate.
This person will serve as the liaison between the steward of the Principles for Digital  Development , DIAL, and the endorsing organization.
He or she will serve as an internal champion to increase awareness and support the  integration  of the Digital Principles in the policies and practices of the endorsing organization. To assist him or her, DIAL will share new guidance materials as they are released, make connections to other endorsing organization advocates and provide details on upcoming events and workshops.
The POC will receive targeted  information  on opportunities to engage in reviewing new content under development to ensure they align with endorsing organizations’ needs.
Participation in the Digital Principles Forum: The advancement of the Principles for Digital  Development  is dependent on an active and engaged community group.
We ask that endorsers.

As public champions and leaders of the Digital Principles

participate in the Digital Principles Forum.
The forum serves as a platform for  digital development  practitioners to come together to address challenges, celebrate achievements and discuss the evolution of the Digital Principles and the digital development sector.

Embracing the Principles of openness and collaboration

we also hope that organizations will share their successes in implementing the Digital Principles in their own work.
We have developed a case study template to make it easier for organizations to share experiences back with the community.
If you have questions.

Or would like to endorse the Principles for Digital Development

please send an email to [email protected]


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