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6 Line will give you the payout as high as 5:1

»  »  » Online Roulette Payouts                                              Online Roulette Payouts.
It is a known fact that people rush into a casino, no matter whether it will be online or brick and mortar one.
The reason is rather obvious – winnings.
Not just money but the sense of pretty sums, coming into your hands, because of fate wish and a small ball.
And a correct bet of course.
Some roulette lovers prefer to elaborate own strategy based on theory of probability, own experience or special calculation of benefit.
Regardless of the core of your own reasoning in choosing this or that bet, the main thing to know is the list of bets itself and the payouts.
Knowing these two fundamental roulette things will give you the basis for your own strategy.
For the sake of justice, we should never forget that the roulette is a game of pure luck, and your intellectual abilities as well as playing experience will not be very helpful in this question.
All the roulette payouts are written at roulette payout table thus you have no need to learn it by heart if you are going to play online.
Nevertheless, it is recommended to get at least superficial knowledge of the data and have an overview of the game.

The most expensive roulette payouts one can get in Straight up bet (35:1)

It is easily explained by rare winnings of this bet taking into account that there are 37 or, in American roulette, 38 numbers.
Split bet will bring you payout 17:1.
Only two numbers will let you win.

The layout bets include 3 Line (3 numbers); roulette payouts in this case are 11:1

4 Corner will bring you 8:1.
At double zero roulette tables you’ll meet 1st Five bet and the payout for this will be 6:1.

Single zero table possesses 1st Four bet (8:1)

Finally, 6 Line will give you the payout as high as 5:1.
When speaking about outside bets one should mention the following bets and roulette payouts:  Column bet (2:1).
Dozen (2:1).
Split Columns (1:2).
Split Dozens (1:2).
Even/Odd (1:1).
Red/Black (1:1).

1-18/19-36 or Low/High bet (1:1)

It is worth to mention that Split Dozens and Split Columns are not allowed everywhere except UK.
Only there all the casinos will provide you with this bet on 24 numbers.
Others are free to decide whether they wish to allow this bet or not.
EuropeUnited StatesUnited KingdomCanadaGermanyAustraliaFranceNew Zealand                                                                                                                                           casino                                                bonus                                                                 offer                                                                 rating                                                                                                                 visit                                                                                           €1000        Exklusives Willkommensangebot €1000 an Einzahlungsboni + 1000 FS                                                          €300        Ersteinzahlungsbonus von bis zu €300                                                          €1600        €1600 Als Einzahlungsbonus                                                          €100        100 % mit bis zu €100 + 120 Freispiele                                                          €500        €500 AN EINZAHLUNGSBONI UND 600 FREISPIELE                                                          €1000        EIN GIGANTISCHER €1000 EINZAHLUNGSBONUS                                                          €1.000.000        DREH DIE WALZEN, UM €1.000.000  IN PREISEN ZU GEWINNEN.
100%        Erhalten Sie 100% bonus und 30 Bar Spins                                                          €500        500 % BIS ZU €500 HEUTE ALS CASH-BONUS                                                          200%        200% + 50 free spins.

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