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We’re living in a VUCA (Volatile

(Re)Discovering Business Agility in a VUCA World – Video & Summary

By Steve Martin | Jun 18, 2020 |     Business Agility,        Video.
We’re living in a  VUCA  (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world.
The global pandemic has accelerated the need for agility, making alignment on what agility means for an organization critical.
By understanding what your organization values in today’s hyper-turbulent world, you will be able to prioritize the activities and tasks needed to better achieve your business’ objectives.
Key takeaways:.

Understand what it means to live in a  VUCA  world

Gain clarity on what agility means by comparing various models of business agility.
Identify factors that will increase your organization’s agility.

This video is a recording of an interactive session at Agile Austin’s Monthly meeting

facilitated by Steve Martin and Kerri Sutey.
The majority of interactive exercises have been removed from the video to respect attendees’ privacy.
View the full slide deck from our talk,  (Re)Discovering Agility .   Timestamps:.
Learning outcomes  1:08.

Setting context in a VUCA world  2:20
Audience Poll: Rank business agility challenges from most impactful to least  3:28
Audience Poll: In or a word or two describe agility  8:27

Business agility definitions  10:40.
Business agility models  12:08.

10 Domains of Business Agility created by the Business Agility Institute  12:36

7 Core Competencies of Business Agility created by Scaled Agile Framework in SAFe 5.0  17:51.

5 Components of Business Agility derived from a study by McKinsey & Scrum

Org  19:54.
Commonalities actress the models  23:38.
To learn more about improving your organization’s agility.

Register for a free 1-hour webinar on the Path to Agility  transformation framework

An Outcomes-Driven Approach To Business Agility.
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