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If you are a Red Hatter or a Red Hat Partner

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In a  I outlined the common problems organizations face across both their traditional IT environments and new emerging IT environments.
These included:         is an integrated solution for developing container based applications on massively scalable infrastructure with all the management required to operate both.
With , organizations can build microservices based applications allowing for greater change velocity.
Also, they can reduce friction between development and operations by using a continuous integration and deployment pipeline for release.
allows organizations to deliver massively scalable public-cloud like infrastructure based on OpenStack to support container based applications.
Finally,  provides seamless management of OpenShift and OpenStack along with other major virtualization, private, and public cloud infrastructures.
Best of all, these are all built from  without a line of proprietary code – ensuring access to the greatest amount of innovation.
It also comes with access to Red Hat’s proactive operations offering,  allowing you to compare your environment with the wisdom of thousands of solved problems and millions of support cases.
If you are a Red Hatter or a Red Hat Partner, this demonstration is available in the  and is named “Red Hat Cloud Suite Modernize Development and Operations”.


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