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Sustainable Global Technologies

Verneri Virsunen.

A student from Aalto’s School of Business

embarked on his thesis journey last year.
Despite not knowing how the work was going to turn out, or which form it would take, he was convinced of one thing; he wanted to draw attention to an often overlooked topic in his field: development cooperation dynamics.

The Aalto team was formed by students Daniela Tapprest

Mona Fritz, Gaspard Del Marmol, Helmi Korhonen and Félicia Zhang, accompanied by SGT Coordinator Matleena Muhonen and the team’s mentor, WAT researcher Matias Heino.
The JNEC team, on the other hand, was formed by Lobzang Chophel, Laxmi Sharma, Namgay Wangmo, Karma Choden and their mentor, lecturer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ,.
Who are you and what do you do?  Kuzuzangpo, I am Chimi Dem, a faculty for Electrical Engineering Department, in Jigme Namgyel Engineering College, Royal University of Bhutan.
I have been part of the university for the past year.

What are your initial impressions about Problem-Based Learning
I feel that PBL is a student-centered or

Director                                        Project Specialist                                                  Designer                                                                    Project / Communications Coordinator  Natalia Villaman is the Project/Communication Coordinator of AGI.
She has experience in communication, education and graphic design.

She is a trained Cultural Mediator

holds a BA in graphic design and is currently enrolled in the Creative Sustainability MA in Design at Aalto University.

Project Coordinator   Eelis Hemberg is a Project Coordinator of AGI

His experience is mostly in development cooperation, agriculture and water issues.

He holds a BA in Geography and International Development from McGill University

and is currently enrolled at the Water and Environmental Engineering MSc(Eng) programme at Aalto University.

International Design Business Management

Sustainable Global Technologies.
Sustainable Global Technologies programme runs a set of cross-disciplinary courses that look at the diverse connections between sustainability and technology in developing context.
Student projects highlight environmental, social and cultural aspects of sustainable development.
Creative Sustainability.

Creative Sustainability Master’s programme focuses on ecological

social and economic sustainability challenges and solutions.
It offers multidisciplinary courses and a real-life sustainability project with an enterprise, NGO or public sector.
New Global.
Integrates interdisciplinary research and new business development to co-create the sustainable business solutions of tomorrow.
Aalto WiT LAB.
Aalto WiT (World in Transition) LAB is a network of researchers and projects focusing on resilient communities, human settlements, humanitarian architecture, environmental awareness, pre-disaster planning, reconstruction, sustainable technologies, community engagement and grass roots action.
Sustainability on Business Research provides knowledge about innovative business models and transition paths that enhance sustainable development, and co-creates solution proposals together with partners from different sectors of society.
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