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Cloud Managed Services for Microsoft 365

Cloud Managed Services for Microsoft 365.
Cloud managed services.
Secure and optimize your organization by combining the power and scale of Microsoft 365 and Arctic IT’s team of technical experts and engineers.

With Arctic IT as your cloud managed services partner

you will gain strategic advantages such as    stronger security and compliance.
predictable IT costs.
faster support.
and time to focus on business objectives.
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A trusted managed cloud services provider.
When it comes to protecting your technology investments, you want the best of the best.
Our reliable, certified IT experts have a common goal—to ensure you can focus on optimizing your business without worrying about the technology powering it.

Arctic IT – an extension of your technology team

Elevate your security posture and allow your internal IT team to focus on proactive strategies with ArcticCare 365, .

Our cloud managed services offering for Microsoft 365

We’ll help monitor your IT systems and network, provide on-going product training for your staff, and layer on additional security services to help you defend from cyber threats.

ArcticCare 365 for Microsoft 365 Business Premium & E3 Subscriptions

The services and security offerings below are included in one monthly fee along with your Microsoft 365 subscription for Business Premium or E3 for Enterprise.
Value DeliveredDescriptionArcticCare 365Value Delivered:  IT Systems and Network ManagementDescription:  We’ll monitor your network, manage your patching/updates, and support your infrastructure.
ArcticCare 365:  ✓Value Delivered:  Recurring TrainingDescription:  Our training materials and staff keep your team up-to-date with Microsoft 365 apps and cybersecurity.

ArcticCare 365:  ✓Value Delivered:  Help Desk SupportDescription:  Our U

S.-based support teams provide uninterrupted support.

ArcticCare 365:  Unlimited 7am-9pm

On-Call 24/7Value Delivered:  Security Awareness TestingDescription:  Every company has a clicker.
We’ve got the phish testing and training tools to help you avoid costly mistakes.
ArcticCare 365:  QuarterlyValue Delivered:  System Security Health EvaluationsDescription:  We identify your risk factors, report on your security posture and provide updates on hardware lifecycle management.
ArcticCare 365:  Periodic Check-ins + AnnualStrategic Planning SessionValue Delivered:  Dark Web MonitoringDescription:  We scan the Dark Web to identify your compromised credentials before a breach occurs.
ArcticCare 365:  ✓Value Delivered:  Cloud to Cloud BackupDescription:  Our data protection service delivers fast backups and rapid recovery of data/services in times of need.
ArcticCare 365:  ✓Value Delivered:  Compliance Level Audit SupportDescription:  We provide support for PCI, HIPPA and other regulatory requirements.
ArcticCare 365:  ✓Value Delivered:  Used Hardware DisposalDescription:  We’ll coordinate all the details for proper disposal, because security doesn’t end at the trash can.
ArcticCare 365:  ✓Value Delivered:  Microsoft 365 License ManagementDescription:  Only pay for what you need.
We manage your licensing and let you know how to get the most out of your subscriptions.

ArcticCare 365:  ✓       Will Raemaeker – CISPRI     Ready to elevate and simplify

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