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LEARN MORE Security Consulting

Managed IT Security Services.
Protect your business from costly interruptions.
We provide a comprehensive array of managed it security services.  Each addresses a specific security requirement.
Whether you want us to handle the whole of your security operation, test your attack preparedness, provide advanced consulting or deliver a specific part of your defence, we’re the go-to team for the job.
Computer One maintain a team of experts ready to deliver the managed security service you want.
Managed IT Security Services.

BROWSE COMPUTER ONE’S SERVICES      Security as a Service

Security as a Service.
The all-in-one managed security service.
We take responsibility for preparation, detection and remediation of any security incident.
LEARN MORE       Security Consulting.
Security Consulting.
Advanced consulting to investigate security breaches or detect the potential for breaches by external and internal attackers.

LEARN MORE       Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training.
Harden the human layer in your organisation with advanced security training.
Pinpoint the most vulnerable staff, train them to resist attacks and monitor the results.

LEARN MORE        Application Whitelisting

Application Whitelisting.
The Australian Government’s No.
1 recommended strategy for preventing malicious cyber-attacks.
Secure your company from the actions of unauthorised software.

LEARN MORE       Network Security

Network Security.

Security beyond the desktop or mobile device

Our dedicated security team will protect all the layers of your network from intrusion, denial of service and exfiltration of data.

LEARN MORE         Australian-based team

We never followed our peers who sought to provide cheaper rates by moving their Level 1 and Level 2 Service Desks overseas.  Although prices dropped, so did their service levels. It didn’t work and now the trend is reversing.  More and more clients are seeking out companies with Australian-based service desks because their current provider’s cheaper rates are being offset by the inefficiencies in communication and slow problem resolution.
We maintain 100% Australian-based technical staff.  They speak and write clearly with no international delay.  What’s more.

If you’re a Complete Care Managed Services client

when you need someone on-site, we’ll turn up quickly and sort out the issue in-person.
You can’t do that from a different timezone.
Two decades of experience.
Computer One is the best part of two decades old.  Our client retention rate is strong and our processes are proven to work.
The team is made up of many senior engineers who have been with the company for more than 5 years as well as fresh-faced staff just beginning their IT journey.  Older staff mentor the younger ones in our values.
We have dealt with just about every industry and conquered just about every challenge in IT in our time.  And we’ve covered much of Australia too.  From the most high-tech data centres to outback mining operations and the muddy jungles of PNG.
When you’re looking to switch providers, we’d like to think we’re a strong candidate.
Our Security Experience.
Picture this scenario: Your senior system administrator has just had a boiling-hot argument with your CFO over some alleged improprieties and quit. It’s been coming for some time.
On the way out, he sneers and says “good luck”…  You immediately realise that he’s had weeks to prepare for this moment.  Who knows what kind of mischief he’s capable of, even after he’s gone?All your data, your backups and your email system.  Even your phones.  What might someone with the right level of authority be able to do to interrupt your business?It happens.  We know because we’ve been the company called in to immediately cut off his access, to find the holes that he’s placed in your network and fix the damage.  To provide our client with peace of mind that there’s no further risk. We’re a full-service managed security provider.  In the past we’ve forcibly taken over networks inside 24 hours of notification.  We’ve totally blocked malware like ransomware from operating on client systems.  We’ve been tasked with proactively identifying security weaknesses and repairing them before they’re exploited.  We train your staff to resist social engineering attacks and we provide regular updates on your security posture.
The international benchmark for client satisfaction with Managed IT Services is the Net Promoter Score.  It’s the same, standardised question no matter where you go: “On a scale from 1-10, how likely would you be to refer our service to colleagues and friends?”We regularly test and benchmark our NPS against the best IT providers in the world, and our score rivals and exceeds them every month.  Our service levels are, quite honestly, World-Class.

If you’re looking for a company to trust with your Managed IT Security Services

you should speak with us.

Our Australian-based team will delight you with our world-class service levels

Call us on  or Contact us here.


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