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Existing 32-bit applications (Windows XP/7)

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Please note: Errors in Windows 7 Update March 2018 (KB4088875) In case you have problems with this update, .

Please read our Quick Installation for PC boards

Quick Installation for PC boards ADDI-DATA has developped a new driver generation: the ADDI-DATA Multiarchitecture Device Drivers 32-/64-bit for x86/AMD64.
These drivers are adequate for:.
64-bit applications (up from Windows 7)    New 32-bit applications (up from Windows 7) that are to be ported to 64-bit in the future          ADDI-DATA Multiarchitecture Device Drivers      These drivers are not adequate for:.
Existing 32-bit applications (Windows XP/7), that were installed with ADDIREG.

Please use our driver ADDI-DATA W32-Bit Driver for x86
ADDI-DATA 32-bit Tools & Drivers       Porting from 32-bit to 64-bit application

Case 1: no new compiling.
You want to execute your existing 32-bit application under Windows 64-bit without any changes and thus without a compilation.
On the Windows 64-bit computer.

Uninstall all ADDI-DATA drivers (see Quick Installation

Chapter 1.2).
The directories “C:Windows” and “C:WindowsSystem32” may no longer contain any ADDI-DATA files.
The further procedure depends on the fact if the board used supports ADDIPACK 64-Bit or not.
An overview of the ADDIPACK boards and functions can be found in the manual for ADDIPACK 64-Bit, which is included in the “Manuals” folder after downloading ADDIPACK 64-Bit from our FTP server (see option b).

Please note that with the compatible DLL

the synchronous interrupt mode is not available.

A) Boards without ADDIPACK 64-Bit (APCIe-1500*

APCIe-/CPCIs-1711, APCI-/CPCI-1500*, APCI-/CPCI-1710, APCI-/CPCI-3001, APCI-/CPCI-3120)    The compatible DLL (“APCIxxxx.dll”) is automatically copied into the directory “C:WindowsSysWOW64”.
Instead, .

It is also possible to copy the DLL into the directory of the application

With the APCI-3001, the compatible DLL (“APCI3001.dll”) must be copied from the driver directory “Driver_[operating system]x86” (see Quick Installation Chapter 2) into the directory of the application and be renamed (“PCI3001.dll”).
* With this board, option b) or c) may be executed as well.
b) Boards with ADDIPACK 64-Bit (Digital boards with ADDIPACK 64-Bit functions)   To download ADDIPACK 64-Bit,.
go to this page , click on the .zip file.
Save this file in a directory of your choice and unpack it afterwards.
To install ADDIPACK 64-Bit, in the “Program” folder, double-click on the “setup.exe” file.

ADDIPACK 64-Bit contains the compatible DLL (“ADDIDATA.dll”)

In order to use this, you have to start the tool “Virtual Board Manager” (see manual for ADDIPACK 64-Bit in the “Manuals” folder).
C) Boards with the compatible DLL “ADDIDATA.dll” (Digital boards without ADDIPACK 64-Bit functions, analog boards.

Combination of analog and digital boards)   To download the compatible DLL

go to this page , click on the .zip file.
Save this file in a directory of your choice and unpack it afterwards.
Copy the compatible DLL (“ADDIDATA.dll”) into the directory “C:WindowsSysWOW64” or in the directory of the application.
Case 2: with compiling.
You want to use your existing 32-bit application with Windows 64-bit with changes  Replace the software functions of the „ADDI-DATA W32-Bit Driver for x86“ driver in your application by the functions of the „ADDI-DATA Multiarchitecture Device Drivers 32-/64-Bit for x86/AMD64“ driver.
Should you have any questions concerning the driver download.
Please call us, phone: +49 7229 1847-0                                                        Phone: +49 7229 1847-0 Fax: +49 7229 1847-200 E-mail:          ADDI-DATA GmbH Airpark Business Center Airport Boulevard B210 77836 Rheinmuenster Germany  Phone: +49 7229 1847-0 Fax: +49 7229 1847-200 E-mail:.


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