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Transforming public services with Enterprise AI

C3 AI Suite. Ex Machina. COVID-19 Data Lake. Predictive Maintenance. Inventory Optimization. Energy Management. Anti-Money Laundering. Sensor Health. Fraud Detection. CRM. Readiness.
Smart Cities.
Smart Cities.
Transforming public services with Enterprise AI.

Improve Public Services and Safety helps public sector organizations generate predictive insights and offer transformative services for transportation, law enforcement, utilities, sanitation, public health, and building systems.
Aggregate petabyte-scale data from sensors, devices, enterprise systems, and operational systems to generate accurate predictions of asset failure. Predictive Maintenance provides planners and operators with comprehensive insight into asset risk, enabling them to maintain higher levels of asset availability, deliver services-based differentiation, and reduce maintenance costs. CRM.
Leverage real-time AI/machine learning to drive operational excellence and improve public service experience. CRM delivers AI-generated forecasts and personalized services in real time using insights from multiple data sets.
Proactively identify instances of tax fraud to protect core revenues at higher accuracy and lower cost than conventional rules-based approaches. Fraud Detection uses supervised machine learning algorithms to correlate disparate systems and high-frequency transactions to pinpoint fraudulent activity and support advanced pipeline management for efficient resolution and revenue recovery.
Learn more                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Procurement Optimization.
Optimize contractual purchase volume and procurement pricing based on forecast demand.
Targeted Collections.
Improve tax and fee collections and reduce turn-around time with targeted investigations.
Public Health.
Identify emerging risks to public health and the most effective interventions to counter outbreaks and threats.


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